This Poem I Wrote, Called "the Maggots"

goodbye, goodbye, goodbye,

it was so nice to see you

on that cold, winter night

we gave ourselves those brotherly handshakes,

and said goodbye

so you'd like to find out what happened with all my time? take my dead hand, through the acid trip of your life!

still new, but born fighting!

so much life to go

three times a life,

on the table,

my lungs revived, thrice

third times a charm

it never stopped me

it made me strong

Crawling through these, times of joy

resilient, as a rock

yes the world, I am on top

young autocrat

so different, yet so attractive

it wasn't apparent then

but a bright light shined, right on my great mind

and the maggots hadn't awakened at this time

they didn't see it coming

nobody knew....

oooo! realizing the,

revitalizing pains of life!

that icy wind!

still embracing it, though

too strong to quit,

too young, too

tis just the petty pangs of life!

people, people, people...

what can you do?

yes, behind doors, it gets weary..

seeing Satan's

feminine side

a rolling rock and walls don't mix

so soon I'll be

smashing these bricks

but it's latent, the maggots itching

crawling right beneath

under the skin

and it's been bring


and, if but sometimes,

it bites the animals hand

like fingers protruding

through steel cages

I won't let you grab

onto the bars for long

the dogs are blinded,

seething hatred

I'll put those muts to sleep sometime

oo baby! the great pains of men!

time to grow, c'mon, get on with the show!

so, guest of mine, how are you holding up? are you still holding onto my dead hand?

I promised you'd find out what happened through time

promised you the acid trip of your life!

get ready for a bad trip

strap on your seat belt

this roller coaster's gonna dip

yes, we'll roll right through hell!

and we'll ride the river Styx, for a time,

and who knows from there?

I'll be your guide...

but the show must go on!

crawling, crawling, still

but running when it's safe

but yes, I gotta crawl through the cracks

of the wall, the dogs wall

slipping through their teeth

and taking licks, like when mans best friend greets you joyously

yes, these hounds 'll protect me,

but they'll turn on me, too

-that was the maggots-

he doesn't know

yes, they're awake,

with eggs on the way, too

ooo yes, he's smashing their bricks

escaping, to the alleyways

where the maggots, the maggots

crawl most abundantly....

the insane rainbow of escape!


never thought I'd find that pot of gold!

the colors, the colors

welcome to life!

ooo they're trying, trying,

to build!

but I know demolition!

yes, yes, and I can hide,

amid the bricks..

one day

I tried to have some friends for lunch

but they couldn't find my address

I told them look, just look for the bricks

and you'll find me hiding, hiding

in their midst

they can't build anymore...

I don't even hide, I just lay on the floor

I'm out in the open

but still, nobody can find me

I'm not even hiding!

it's like I'm gone,

like I'm gone

this rainbow ain't so bright, anymore

the pots empty

I've spent my gold....

but, where, where

can I find more??

I'm sure If I look

through the rubble

and the bricks....

O, how can I


my cure?

my guest, my friend,

how cold are my hands?

we're traveling the river Styx

have you seen our paddles?

maybe the moon can guide us?

oh please, can you be the guide?

for the maggots, have eaten my eyes....

where is the wall?

I can't even find the rubble, the bricks?

and I can't stop this itch

the muts!

where are, the dogs?

I can hear their howl

but I can't find, the hounds...

those puppies

giving up, on me?

it's all my fault

I should have fed them...

snowflakes, snowflakes..

can't the cold kill maggots?

they crawl on me

torturing me..

but at least, from them I can feed


the dogs were much better, to me

My guide, my guest, my family

my hands must be as ice

and the maggots must have gotten into my brain

because I can hear you no more...

I fear the river has frozen

sliding along Styx...

story of my life....

a beautiful winter night

cold, yet comfortable

and I can see the ice over Styx

And my reflection, in the thick ice

I reached out and touched his hand,

and said goodbye........

jaycm610 jaycm610
18-21, M
3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Pleeeeease write a book or something!!!...I just want all your writing bound in a book so I can read it over and over and over again!!!!!

real good-epic. I like it.

I gotta say, your poetry is amazing. In so many different ways.