This game has been a huge favorite of mine for a long time. I love all versions of Mahjong games. My mom's side is from China and my ex-stepmom is from China. Mahjong as a table version off the Internet is different in Asian cultures than the creative versions on the Internet, computer and Nintendo DS.

Mahjong Garden
I love the different animal layouts of tiles and the different temple layouts of the tiles. Pogo is so creative. The animal layouts and the temple layouts you can pick between each come with themes you can choose from. I love to play with each of the themes as well as the layouts to try to figure out if I can recognize the animals, building structures, and drawings on the tiles.

Pogo theme has different characters from all the Pogo games on their tiles. Food theme has different types of food from around the world on their tiles. Traditional has the original Chinese Mahjong artwork and characters. Nature has animals, sea creatures, birds, land formations, amphibians, insects and reptiles. Geometric has different geometric shapes. Gems has different, sparkly gems that are lined in gold and various stones of birth months and they each have different shapes like teardrops, hearts, squares, circles, ovals, etc. Each theme has the traditional red dragons, white dragons, green dragons, Chinese flowers and all four seasons of the year.

The layouts come in sets to complete and if you complete a game, you go to another in the same set and when you finish a set, you get a jackpot spin. At the end of each game, an animal in a traditional Chinese robe stands there giving you a gift for some type of emotional trait. You also have a certain number of holding cells to put tiles into if you need to get to another tile beyond the holding tile, but the higher the level of difficulty, the less amount of holding cells you get.

You have a pet dragon that starts out as a newborn baby. Your job is to make it grow. You can watch it grow as you progress through completed games. Your percentage rate shows at the end of each game you finish. Example: You are 58% to the next rank. There is a picture above the progress info of your aging dragon. It seriously is so cute! It doesn't age in years. It becomes ages old, not years old. Example: Your dragon is 1,600 ages old. When you work in the animal layout and you finish the last animal game, all the animals line up from behind the opening wall and celebrate with you.

Mahjong Safari
This game is way too cool for words. Well, all Mahjong games are, in my opinion. In the Safari, you are presented in each game with a certain random layout. The screen will tell you at the bottom what the layout is, so no need to try to guess. There is JA, a house, a man and his dog, a high heeled shoe, a temple, etc. Each tile has a picture of a wild animal from the land, sea or air. You are also given special tiles, like rank tiles that show the rank you currently are at, star tiles that each give three power ups: shuffle, long line and hint, and there are mini animal tiles. They each have half of a wild animal. Your job is to try to find its matching half so they can become one. The higher levels of difficulties you can choose provide more mini animals to match, which means you can complete that safari faster.

Each match can only happen if the line is no more than two lines away in movement from the match and the moves have to go in straight lines horizontallly or vertically. If you cannot make the match in one or two lines, the long line power up can be useful.

You are shown how many available matches you have left. You are also shown the mini animals you found and when you get ten of them, your safari is complete and Pogo gives someone in the room 100 tokens on your behalf.

There are chances to get animal combinations or animal combos. You have to look to see if there are four of any animal tiles as opposed to two. It doesn't work with the mini animals. Just the regular gaming tiles. It is fun to try to figure out the animals on the tiles. The minis have their names written down when you match them. When you make an animal combo, you have to move fast for it to count as a combo. Even if you get all four in a row but there were enough seconds between, then you get credit for the matches but not for the combo. So I always check the aim lines first to see if I can match them in a legal move, then I check the second pair. If both pairs can be matched in one or two lines, I go for it and get that combo. The screen will tell what kind of animal it is if you got the combo. So far, I have had animal combos with aardvarks, beavers, kangaroos, wolves, polar bears, koala bears, siberian tigers, meerkats, and more. Regular tiles have interesting creatures such as bats, crows, sharks, sea urchins, sting rays, lobsters, etc. The mini animals are neat too. I've seen penguins, crocodiles, gazelle, elephants, sea otters, cranes, ostriches, etc.

Mahjongg Dimensions
This version is 2d not 1d. It has really pretty graphics. The dimensions are all unique and the pictures on the tiles are unique too. Some look like Earth or nature friendly, Sci Fi friendly, geometric shape friendly, etc. There are also random tiles that light up and if you match it before it turns off, you get a bonus in your score. You are playing against the time. So you go through however many dimensions you can in that time. It is very easy to get your score in the millions.

In the downloadable version, the tiles are shaped the same like puffy cubes and the dimensions are the same, but they have bigger dimensions and different pictures on each tile than the online versions. There are planetary themes and in each theme, the tile pictures match whether it's whimsical like magic, natural like earth, etc. You are also given special tiles you have to match. There are snowflakes to make time slow down for a while. There are score bonuses that you can add to your score but they countdown the longer you don't match them. There are time bonuses to add more time to your time but it counts down the longer you don't match them. There are bombs waiting for you to match them so they can explode all the tiles around them. There are red jewels that turn every tile blue and you only have a few seconds to click them away, then the tiles get shuffled and return to their visible looks.

There are gold, silver and bronze trophies to win if you win the round. Each round comes with more than one dimension whether timed or not, but in the timed versions, the time continues to countdown when you pass to another dimension within a round. It doesn't start over. So the time you start out with, you have to strategize because if you have four or five dimensions to get through in that round and you see maybe six minutes, it can be very deceiving depending on your speed in the individual dimensions. But your score increases based on the leftover time when you are done.  So you can get a certain score or trophy for your game score and right then get another medal higher up just based on enough leftover time.

Nintendo DS and other gaming brands make Mahjong versions and it's always neat to see the creativity. I think I love creativity in Solitaire, Pyramids, Tetris, Zuma, Mahjong and Hidden objects.
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Dec 12, 2012