Im Such A Nerd...

I love the anime, video games, and I recently got into the card game. The new Pokemon stuff I'm kinda ehh on, I like the older games and cards. I'm playing Pokemon Yellow currently. My favorite Pokemon would have to be a tossup between Shaymin and Magnemite.

I bought pillows, keychains, and Pokemon accesorys so I feel like such a geek. Oh well, it goes with the rest of me, I love videogames. Im a huge Nintendo fanatic.

Half the time, whenever Im fighting a Pokemon in a game or pull out a card from my deck, I need to squeal out "ITS SO CUTE!!!" Even the ugly pokemons are adorable.

Purugly Purugly
18-21, F
1 Response May 23, 2010

Oddish is my favorite!