Pokemon Fun

Pokemon are so fun and I think that they are doing great with all there new pokemon things.
I wish America had a pokecenter, I never got to go to the one in New York. : (
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2010

I got to go to the poke center once on a class field trip and I loved it1 Trust me you should go there! I agree with you on the new pokemon being good (I keep finding people who complain about it on here)

I did not know it became a Nintendo store that would be fun to go to! I go to Sakura-con but they do not have a lot of Pokemon there some but not a lot. <br />
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Some of the new Pokemon do look silly, but they still use the good ones too, and well at least they have some neat new ones like you said.

I'm a huge fan of Pokemon as well...and sometimes I feel a little out of place being one since I'm 23, but I just love some of the little critters in the series, and the games require a bit of strategic thinking too. I admit, I'm slightly disappointed in some of the newer Pokemon, but a couple of them look great and likely will make the whole new series worth it.<br />
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The Pokemon Store is no longer in NYC, but it's now the Nintendo Store and there is a pretty big Pokemon section, from what I've heard. If you're looking for Pokemon stuff, check out anime conventions (Tekkoshocon, Otakon, etc.) because the dealer's rooms almost always have Pokemon merchandise.