The New It!!


okay i'm shouting and jumping around like a little kid. i hear soooooo much people complaining about the new Pokemon. i don't like to be one to judge or claim to know someone else's point of view. although it pains me, i just feel so compelled to say here goes.... i believe those who don't like the new Pokemon just don't like change. but i guess i like it because i don't mind change....also, they're completely out of their minds and can't handle its total awesomeness....there i said it...please don't shoot me with words, you might as well use real bullets.

at least Pokemon is successful and still makes games and updates the tv show for people like me who think its cool :). Pokemon is so important to me because its one of the only things from my childhood that still lives on and evolves with the time. although i've never read the manga:( and i'm sure it'll take me years to do that, so i'll just stick to the show and games.

anyway, POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE! things that i love the most

-Team Rocket's new look, Jesse took down Ash's new Pidove (don't worry i'm still on your side Ash) and the fact that they DIDN't blast off.
-That cute little sea otter Pokemon following Ash. i can pronounce the name, but i can't spell it as yet. I WANT ONE
-The NEW GRAPHICS! the Pokedex and Trip taking pics with a digital camea XD you just couldn't see that in the old old version.
-And a bunch of other stuff i don't feel like typing.

i love the whole gothic look and some people actually believe i'm a goth, but i have to say it......I WILL LOVE POKEMON UNTIL IT ENDS PERMANENTLY!!! AND NO ONE CAN CHANGE THAT!!!

sorry about that i'm embarrased...better go. and its okay if you don't like the new version of Pokemon. we're all different and have different views :). well, thanks for taking time out of your life to read this.
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5 Responses Feb 12, 2011

Actually, I still haven't met a pokemon fan who doesn't like the new Black & Whit series. Also, in the new show I'm STILL trying to find a new episode where team rocket blast off. They sure have gotten better!

I LOVE Pokemon! Most people I know have grown out of it but I grew up loving it! I haven't actually watched the new season. T_T I'm never home when it's on.

:DD I LOVE ALL OF POKEMON SEASONS!!! it's like one of my childhood shows too! i sometimes wonder what would happen if pokemon was real, and my dog Roxie was a pokemon. if she was, i would say, "Roxie, i choose you!" and out she comes out of a pokeball. XD lol my brother called her pokepup!

lolz this sounds like me! i'm 21 years old and i still haven't grown out of pokemon and i don't think i ever will. i think the series and the games are still going well. and hey, pokemon makes me happy so who cares what other people think? XD to all those older pokemon fans out there...i salute you ^^

The sea otter is called Oshawott! has all the new Pokemon btw ;D