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i love pokemon haha i used to watch the show when it was a kid all the time and i still play the gameboy games sometimes haha
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6 Responses Aug 7, 2011

Pokemon Red is my sh*t lol I still play it to this day. That and pokemon stadium are definitely some of my favorite pokemon games lol

I had Red, Blue, and Yellow growing up. even had the guide book also. i tryed buying the grean version but its hard to get and the only problem is its only in japanies.

I love Pokemon I would pay any amount of money if they released a DVD set of all the Pokemon episodes and movies

haha, me and my cousin use to play that game all the time, i still cant bring myself to give them away even though i dont really play them anymore. still, occasionally its tempting :P i remember i once caught a shiny pokemon on leaf green version, haha, my heart was pounding so bad

Which versions do you play? I find myself pulling out the gameboy ones too at times, just to make sure my blastoise doesn't get lonely in its super old game cartridge. =P

I remember when i got my first pokemon game. Yellow version. haha, i could never beat brock.