I Won The Gym Badge But You Won My Heart!

(- used the Pika girl song lyrics there, couldn't resist I am obsessed with that song! if you haven't heard it, you need to! =youtube! )

-I am 19, and yep I still love pokemon! Although I have a lot of catching up to do. Like Most British kids I was brought up watching Pokemon and as the years went on it stopped getting viewed on the tv... And so, some years later here I am again trying to catch up on all the old episodes!- and eventually to the new ones if I make it that far, hopefully I will.

Even though as I watch these old episodes now I find the episodes are really cheesy and the dubbed voices are pretty awful, but I cant help but still love it, there's just always been something about Pokemon that has always made me feel happy. Be it as a kid or now a young adult there's some kind of beauty hidden in the brightly coloured sketchy animation. Its not just about catching pocket monsters, its about friendship, adventure, over coming hardships. All this from a little anime that's pretty simple but still going strong.

I'm gutted that my mum threw out all my Pokemon stuff, and I still dont forgive her for that! But at least Ive still got the episodes to watch and this little gem I found on Ebay!  (-I actually use to have this, and the joy I got when I found the exact same one online!)  


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3 Responses May 14, 2012

i havent heard that Pike Girl song in ages, haha.
seeing just the title of this story took me back to the good old days.. and now i find myself singing the lyrics, haha.
thanks for making my day :D

Im the same way when it comes to old anime shows. I cant help but enjoy them, especially when there's a bunch of action to see.

cool i think i used to have that

Pikan island mini playset, I think its called XD