Its Part Of My Childhood!

There just so cute and fun. As a little kid I collected the cards and the action figures like misty and little pokemon figurines. Its a very popular animie I say still one of the best and popular animies! Pretending too battle my brother and play with my cards. Waking up every morning too watch new pokemon episodes on tv. What really got me started was my nieghbor he was a first class pokemon fan. Had pokemon things everywhere when me and my little brother went over too his house. I always remember wishing pokemon was real and crying on my 10th birthday when I didnt get a charamander for my birthday lol! But I was satifed with a pikachu stuffed animal! I actually am wearing a pikachu T-shirt as I type this! The pokemon movies are very sad though. I cant watch them without getting tearful or even crying once. Most of the plots concist of pokemon getting close too a person then something sad happening too the main pokemon. Latias is my favorite shes just adorable! I love the movie latios and latias so sad but great movie for pokemon fans! Out of everything I got too say the games are what really gets my attention. I have been playing pokemon games since I have had a gameboy all fantastic cant beat the classics. My favorite is soul silver (A game I have on my DS) I was so exited too get it I was screaming and jumping up and down my brother was happy too cause he had someone too play the game with him! ^-^ Still remember being so stoked about the idea any pokemon you wanted in the game could walk with you (I wish they kept doing that with the games) Pokemon is just so fun! :D
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When I saw this I had to reply lol. Not a single family member of mine has not played Pokemon(my cousins and my sister). Since we were little weve been playing it. My first Pokemon game ever was the original crystal. I still play it to this day and so do my cousins.

I also like Soul Silver but prefer Heart Gold. They should let Pokemon walk with you in other Pokemon games like Pokemon Black&White.