16 And Still Love It!!

I love to play and watch pokemon!! haha I am following Pokemon Black and White now and I got the new Pokemon White 2 game about a week ago!! I am so excited! The game is awesome expecially since they have brought some of generation 4 and 5 pokemon into the game! You can even catch eevee as a wild pokemon! And you get it early in the game. Not like Diamond where you have to beat the game first >_> . So yeah. Huge pokemon fan. But I must say. The earlier pokemon are WAY better. I think the designers have run out of ideas haha I personally think they should hold a competition for fans where you get to submit your own pokemon. They could get at least 2 or 3 more generations that way. I'm sure all of us have though about making our own pokemon before ;) hehe But I love the series none the less. Battles are awesome. But I always mis the pokemon league! It's so annoying ! . I have only ever seen the first pokemon league where charizard still doesn't obey ash. If memory serves correct that was it right? Anyway. I am mumbling way too much lol

LostandConfusedGurl LostandConfusedGurl
18-21, F
Nov 9, 2012