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I Love Pokemon

i realy REALY love pokemon! i love it soooo much! i would DIE if (god forbid) pokemon got CANCELED! uh... i realy REALY hope that that NEVER happens. i dont know what i would do.
Everflame Everflame 13-15, F 3 Responses Dec 31, 2012

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I agree 100% Pokemon is amazing. The day Pokémon ends is the day I die, lol. Anyone else desperately waiting for a ruby/sapphire remake?

My life would be way different without Pokemon. I've made many friends just from playing the game. If it died, I'd no longer be a supermod on PokeBeach.

Me too I love everything you know theres gonna be a big announcement on january 8th they say the big announcement is the series gonna end or more gen pokemon

Me too do u have a 3ds or a pokemon game

Awesome what about a wiiu


3Ds and wii u

Ya r u getting one

How it makes any other system look like a kitten

Wat the 3ds isn't even a ds its an entire new consoleshikaryu miyamoto even said

If u have a clubnintendo account u can get one

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