17 Years!!

This year, it will be 18. I really do love pokemon. I don't watch the show like I used to because it's changed a lot. I still love playing the video games and getting to know all the new pokemon ( even if they're a little lame ) because it's fun. I'm not even embarrassed to admit it because it's not something to be embarrassed about. I mean they don't get kids to go and work at the pokemon industry so that they can put on the show. The voice actors aren't children. The artists aren't children either...who are they? Adults. Adults who love pokemon, just as much as I do.

I really do miss the old pokemon though. I miss those days where I would wake up every morning for school and watch pokemon when it came on. I miss the old Jessie and James, I miss the old Ash and his pikachu, I even miss Brock and Misty as Ash's friends. If I could go back in time to do anything, it would be to do that. Going back in time to relive those moments. I remember the first time I got a real, functioning pokeball ( not compltely ). You pressed the button on the front and it opened up, with a cute little pokemon inside.

The first card I ever got was a Staryu. I got it from my sister, who had gotten a lot of pokemon cards from her friends and had an extra Staryu to give me. I treasured it like it was my own pokemon. It's kinda weird but I do consider that to be my very first pokemon ever, which is why I like water pokemon so much. I still have that pokemon card. I've collected them over the years and I have a huge binder full of them, old and new. I still have my very first pokemon card, from way back then :)
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I agree completely. I've always loved pokemon, even the show. But when the new series came out, I just lost interest. But I still love the cards and the games.

Yes you raise a fair point with adults making pokemon, etc! I'm not too fond of the newer pokemon either but yeah the original ones really awesome. Pretty cool that you still got have your collection of cards.

I'm trying to learn about the new ones and honestly, they're not bad. I think Sinnoh was the worst for pokemon, whereas Johto and Hoenn where just as good as Kanto. Unova, the new one, is pretty good. Much better than Sinnoh but it's not as good as Kanto, Johto or Hoenn.

I kept my cards because I know they'll be worth a lot some day. Maybe not the newer ones I got a few years after the first initial sets came out but I definitely know the two of them that will make extreme amounts of money: Jungle/Holographic/First Edition Raichu and Holographic/First Edition Glitch Machamp. I know people want those already, I'm just waiting a few 20 some odd years to sell them. I also have three ancient mew cards, which would probably be at the top of the list too.

Another set I've saved for future money is my digimon cards. I have the original first starter set when they first came out, of the first season of Digimon. Hopefully people will go wild over those too.

Now that is what you call using ya noggin! Good thinking! Hope the future is prosperous for you and your collection.

Thanks :)