Part five of my Mystery Dungeon Custom Story! Enjoy!
Sorry a day late but I was sick yesterday! :(

After I excepted the invitation into the exploration team, me and Riolu went through countless dungeons together and beat many quests, never using my new found powers though which is quite interesting, but one day....

December 17, 2006, Pokemon World

"Attention teams!" Chatot said, "There is an emergency!"
"What is it?" Riolu replied quite suddenly,
"One of the Time Gears has been stolen!" Chatot shot back
"Time Gear?" I said aloud.
"Shinx, a Time Gear is a gear that controls time in the region that it is held in!" Bidoof told me,
"Yeah," Riolu said, "They are quite valuable!"
Wigglytuff, the team master, came in and yelled at Chatot,
"Whats With The Yelling! I Was Getting My Beauty Sleep!"
"Uhhhh, a T-Time Gear was stolen Guildmaster!" Chatot replied nervously.
"Well," I said, and everyone stared at me, "whoever is the best team should go, right?" Everyone started nodding but one person, RIolu. He asked me, 'Hey come here Shinx i need to tell you something." He sounded quite angry, so I went over immediately.
"You Idiot!" He whispered harshly as he punched me in the gut with force palm, "WE are the strongest team!" I slowly got up,
"W-we are?" I replied weakly as I grunted getting up.
He then looked at the wounds and gave me an oran berry,
"We are and I don't think we are strong enough to face who took a time gear!" He whispered quite loudly, "even your overload mode won't work! We need new tricks!" As I heard him I got up and agreed and said,
"Fine, but we need to face him! Is there any more Time Gawizers?"
"Time Gears!" He replied harshly, "They are called Time Gears! Yes there are more though, but only 2!"
"Then lets move towards out goal right now!" I replied happily,
"Fine, you ready?" He asked nervously,
"Yes, oh Guildmaster Wigglytuff over here please!" I shot back.
Looks like I'm heading for quite an adventure!

Hope you enjoyed~
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Aug 16, 2014