Holy shot symphonic evolutions and nationals were so good I HAVE to talk about them. First off the show was hands down the greatest gift a pokemon fan like ourselves could ask for other than the 20th anniversary in 2016. There was Satoshi Tagiri, Chuggaaconroy and a whole bunch of other cool people there.

But there were these evil people sitting next to my dad and I. They were triplets, a girl and 2 boys. They all acted like they had some mental illness. The girl acted like a 4 year old. I asked how old she was and how long she's been playing and she said in a low breath 100 million years.
Her: :I

That was strike 1

Strike 2 was one of the boys. Each time we had to pass him we had to say excuse me at least 5 times. The kid wasn't deaf either. He was prolly just really sick. But my dad and I just stamped on his toes and went about our business.

The third strike was when one guy dropped his 3DS on the boy on accident. He said sorry in a genuine voice and he thought that was the end of it. NOPE! The kid caused a scene. He yelled are you kidding me and almost punches the guy until his sister intervened.

Usually I don't go past 3 strikes but I feel it was necessary. Their mom was THE worst mom ever. She sat idly by while her kids were being rude. It didn't ruin the amazing show but it put a little but of a damper on it.

I went during the encore so that meant only a few youtubers were there. Like glitchxcity and Chuggaaconroy were there. But it was still fun to meet them. After the show I got a poster signed by the conductor, and 2 people I don't know lol. But I got to go backstage to meet with the youtubers.

Sadly I couldn't go to worlds but I heard that it was super hype.
One word: Pachirisu
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Nice! Wish I had a chance to see.

Aw man that whole weekend was hype as ****

Seriously though. Pachirisu, Chuggaconroy, and more!

And shofu and Satoshi Tagiri