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Today I was watching the "Ricki Lake" show. Something that I never watch, but it was on and the topic interested me. It was about open marriages and polygamy. The first couple that were guests were in an open marriage. It was really awesome seeing them because it was obvious they both really loved each other. They both are dating other people, and are really happy with their other boy/girl friends. Their families are apparently really accepting of this marriage and fully support it. I think that's awesome, because I still haven't told my parents I'm in a poly relationship. It's not that I don't want to, but I know they wouldn't understand. Actually I remember watching TV with them recently, maybe last week, and there was something on where the people were in an open relationship. My dad was like "this is garbage" and my mom was like "this is disgusting and against God's will" blah blah blah. My boyfriend and his girlfriend's parents both know about the relationship and are supportive of it.

I don't remember their names so I'll just go with the typical Bob and Sally. Sally's parents have met her boyfriend (and her husband) and say they enjoy meeting nice new people. Sally even brought her boyfriend over for Thanksgiving while Bob was away on business. The awesome thing is Bob and Sally also try to help other people with couple's therapists. They said they don't encourage everyone to go into polygamy,because if you already have problems in monogamy, polygamy is NOT going to fix it.

Anyway there were several other couples also in polyamours relationships, and they all were really cool too. What upset me is the audience's non acceptance of it. Every audience member was not only closed off to the idea of an open relationship, they actually seemed angry that it was even brought up. Some of the ones that were allowed to ask questions were just plain rude. I know polygamy is still kind of taboo, but it just surprised me how completely closed off every single audience member was.

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Very much enjoyed your story. The problem with our culture is we are materially oriented so that "ownership" is implied in relationships. For instance, the wearing of the ring or the changing of the last name. I wish we could all live in a non-ownership based, non chattel based culture--I'm very ready for it and perhaps your generation will be the first to change all of that. I really think this is why the religious establishment is so against gay marriage--they know it will open the door to all kinds of relationships and that causes great angst to their cosmologies. But live life Meeshell and enjoy the beauty you have found in this.

thank you. well said my friend. That's what's silly with relationships and that's why there's jealousy. People think they own the other person.