They're Little Spit Fires,,,

I had a beautiful Pom named Gizmo who just passed away about 6 weeks ago.

He was a ball of energy for most of his 15 years.  I got him at 3 months old, and it was the best gift God could have sent me.   He was my heart and my soul.

They're little guys with big attitudes!!!  God love em!


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Annie, did you ever adopt another Pommy?

Peanut sounds like he's young enough to adapt to another dog, I think bringing him over to meet Cullen would be the best way to start off, and then arrange a weekend sleepover. How sad that your friends don't love Cullen, I'm glad that he has you to give him the love that he needs! Good luck with the adoption!

WE have a Pom that is !8 months old. He is our 'baby bear'! His name is Peanut and we love him! Friends of ours went on vacation and asked us to dog sit their pom. They have expressed their dislike for him and want us to buy him. 'Cullen' is his name. My children love him! He is a sweet dog with a great disposition. So, I ask you how do I get Peanut to love him like we do?

I"m so sorry about your lil Gizmo.<br />
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Yes, Poms sure do capture your heart. I know he will give you as much joy and love as mine did! :-)

Please accept my heartfelt condolensces on the loss of your baby. I had a 17-1/2 year old cat, he was Gizmo, too, who went to heaven last December, and I continue to grieve deeply at his loss.<br />
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We have a Pommy who will be 7 soon, we adopted him in January'07, and he has captured our hearts, utterly!