Our Nemo

In November '06 my husband and I had to deal with the tragedy of the passing of our beloved kitty Smoochie.  He was only 13, and our other kitty, Gizmo, his adopted brother, was very lonely without him.  They had been together for 10 years.  Gizmo was 16-1/2 at the time, and I wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea of bringing in another animal with him being so elderly and frail.

My husband though desperately wanted a dog, and wanted to give a home to a doggy in need.  I was hesitant, I agreed on the condition that Gizmo would accept the dog.  So my husband aswered an ad posted on Freecycle from a family who claimed that they needed to give up their 5-year old Pomeranian.

We agreed to a trial weekend visit, after which we would decide if we were going to keep him.  These horrible people showed up with all his belongings, including his papers, and dumped him!  We never heard from them again!  Thankfully, he was the sweetest dog we'd ever met, and my cat accepted him immediately.  This was a miracle, as my Gizmo had hated dogs his whole life.

The gorgeous blonde baby came to us as Niko.  he was born in Florida, and the family who dumped him with us had rescued him when he was 3.  We hated his name and promptly renamed him Nemo, after the fish!  We know for sure based on his behavior that he was abused, poor little guy.  He and my husband were smitten with each other on sight, it's taken a great deal longer for me to get close to him, he was deeply afraid of women, so we're positive it was a woman who abused him.  he also has terrible separation anxiety, so I'm certain he was bounced around from home to home prior to coming to his most recent family.

It's taken a long time, and we're still trying to get it through to him that he's with us for good, that we're his forever family.  He's come so far, and we're very proud of him!  We can't believe that he's been with us for over 1-1/2 years already, and that he's almost seven.  We hate that we missed out on so much of his life, and especially that we missed his puppyhood.  We're trying to make it up to him for his horrible life prior to coming to us.

He's definitely the boss, he gets his way in everything!  because he's so afraid of being dumped again, he barks at everyone, in an attempt to frighten people away.  At least he used to, now it's just his obnoxious way of saying hello!  And no one's scared of him, they all say how cute he is!  The entire condo complex knows his name!   He's a charmer, my Mom, who never liked dogs, loves him!  We aren't allowed to come for dinner without him!  We're trying to talk her into adopting one of her own, but she only has room in her heart for him!  And who can blame her?  He always has this big happy smile and twinking eyes, he's just the cutest little boy you ever saw!

Well, mabye not such a little boy, he's actually very big for a Pommy, he's approximately 15 pounds, give or take a pound or two, and none of it is fat, despite the fact that he's a biscuit hound!  All he'll eat is biscuits and turkey hot dogs!  He's SO fluffy, and his fur grows SO fast!  I don't know if we're able to attach pictures on this group, but if I can, I will!

His BFF is an Eeyore doll that was mine, but he came to us with only one toy (no one ever taught him how to play, all he ever knew was a crate), and he fell in love with Eeyore, so I gave it to him.  It's the sweetest thing you've ever seen, he's SO gentle with it!  He nibbles the edges of Eeyore's ears and tail, and after 1-1/2 years you'd never know it!  There's not so much as a toothmark on the doll!

I said before that he didn't know how to play when we got him, poor little guy.  We taught him little things, he likes to rough-house with us.  He's hilarious when he does it!  He acts like a bull or a goat, butting us with his head, kicking with his back feet!  He play-bites, he's never once hurt either of us, and he never bit Gizmo, and he's too intimidated by Bear to bite him!  LOL!  The only destructive thing he's ever done is he likes to tear up napkins and paper towels, so he's not allowed to have those.

Unfortunately my poor little angel inherited one of the worst medical conditions a Pommy can have, that's common to the breed...  a collapsible trachea.  it's absolutely terrifying when it happens, for him and for us!  We've learned how to take care of the episodes when they happen, the faster we get to him, the faster he recovers.  We grab him together and stroke his throat quickly and firmly, but not too hard, while keeping eye contact with him and talking to him in a soothing voice, so that we distract him from panicking.  We've noticed that these episodes usually only happen at bedtime, we don't know why, but we're glad for it.  We're always so afraid that it'll happen to him when we're not home, which is a rarity anyway.  I can't work anymore due to illness, so I'm home with him all day now.

So that's the story of our precious baby Nemo, the love of our lives, and our sweetest baby boy!  Thanks for the opportunity to share with you the story of how lucky we are to have this special little guy in our lives!

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We decided until we could properly afford it with vet cost and everything we wouldn't take in another pet. Only one very small income coming in makes it hard. We'll crawl out of this rut we've been in and someday get another pet it's just not in the cards right now. :)

I'm so sorry about you having the heartbreak of losing your beloved pommy, I know how much it hurts. I'm equally sad that you aren't able to afford another. Not even through adoption? All our furry kids, canine and feline, have been rescues, all adults except for my first kitty. They've all been quirky and wonderful!

Sadly, that day did come for us this past January. When Neemie was 10, he was diagnosed with renal failure, he turned 11, but was very ill. We did everything we could to keep him with us, but he told us when it was time to stop. Naturally we were devastated, and we will always miss him. But his passing gave us the opportunity to give another Pommy in need a loving home, so we adopted Razzy! He's 7, has hypothyroidism which makes him a very fat little dog (but adorable!), and he came to us all the way from Texas this past February! He's a great little heart healer!

Unfortunetly we aren't able to take in another pet financially, so we just adore everyone elses. :)

I think all pom's think they are the biggest badest guard dogs oout there, ours sure did. Draw in all those obnoxious barks you can cause like us one day you will wish you could hear it again. The collapsing trachea is a terrible thing we knew nothing about until it was way to late. Unless they are made to be mean dogs they are endless furry love.

Anewme, you're so lucky! Is Bella still a puppy? Your post made me laugh, you're just like my mom! She's always trying to talk us into leaving Nemo with them for the weekend! But Neemie would never have it, he can't bear to be away from my husband! And we've never left him behind anywhere other than our home for more than 1/2-hour. I left him at my parents while I made a quick trip to a store. He did great, but I think he'd get upset if we left him for any longer. <br />
<br />
But maybe if we try a little at a time, the day will come when we can leave him so that we can get away overnight. But we still need to teach my mom how to put on his harness, and what his "I need to go out" face looks like. He's very subtle, he won't go to the door and whine like normal dogs! He'll just hover and pant heavily. Then if I ask him, he perks his ears and shows his bottom teeth. He's my husbands dog, but I know his bathroom needs better than he does, LOL!<br />
<br />
Neemie thinks he's a big dog, too. We don't know why, but he hates other dogs, and is always challenging them. Barks his fool head off, lunges, the works! I live in fear of the day that he does this to a big dog who isn't on a leash! I'm disabled, I don't know if I'd be able to grab him and protect him in time, and that really scares me!

My son bought his girlfriend a pom for Valentine's Day--"Bella" lives at my house-I refer to her as my "granddog" I love her! She has the most fun crazy personality--she thinks she's a big dog-when the kids move out next month I'm keeping Bella as they can't take her with them--they'll have "visiting" rights!! I love taking this dog out for walks-she just makes me smile! I'm thrilled he got her the dog and that she is staying with me!