I've Always Wanted A Pomeranian...

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted a pomeranian. My parents could never afford to buy a dog, but when I was in middle school, my parents found free dogs that were half pomeranian, one quarter poodle and one quarter cocker spaniel. They took me to the house with the puppies, and I immediately fell in love with the cutest one there, and ot my luck, he wasn't already taken! Husky (I named him that because when he was a puppy, he looked a lot like a husky dog) is an amazing dog, the single smartest dog I have ever seen. He came to us already knowing how to fetch, even though the breeders had never played fetch with him. He is a quick learner too.

But, back in August of last year, I moved here, to Kentucky, with my boyfriend, and had to leave little Husky behind with my mom. I missed him so much (and still do) and I wanted my own little dog again (there was already a Shitzu here). Eventually, I started bugging my boyfriend about getting a puppy, but it HAD to be a pomeranain, so he told me that if I could find one for a reasonable price, i could get one. And by God, I did. I found a woman selling pure bred pom pom puppies for $200 (for the males). That same night, he drove me (and trust me, it was a long drive...over an hour in the country, which has almost no stop lights) to her house in the rain, and we found a gorgeous little white male. He has a black and white speckled nose and the sweetest face.

I named him Ty. He is almost 7 months old now, and still adorable. He is very stubborn, but thats okay. He is an amazing, sweet little dog, and I coud not be happier with my choice. I cannot wait to see how he does with our children!

LittleMeese LittleMeese
18-21, F
Feb 23, 2010