i have a 10 yr old an he dose not like roofs or long grass... trying to get him to overcome this is hard work is there any easy-er way?
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I'm sorry to hear that you had to give him up but glad that you can still see him...

thats ok.. i had to let go of my baby this week but his new owners love him as much as i do an i can go see him wen i want.. it is just hard as he had a wonderful nature..

Sorry... I just realized this was about a pony... I dunno, maybe the same issues apply though?

I think most people would recommend that the way to beat a fear is through slow exposure and having nothing go wrong during those encounters...<br />
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For roofs, I'm not sure I care for them myself as falling off them is an unpleasant thought.<br />
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as for grass, have you had your son allergy tested? my mom later discovered that allergies were actually the explanation for many preference issues I was not talking about...