Oodles of Poodles

To have oodles of poodles was a goal in my life. 

I attained it!

Last time I was enveloped by oodles of poodles was when I went one Valentine's Day to select my new black Standard puppy, Moon Shadow.  Truth be told, he selected me.  The largest in the litter he lumbered over, sat on my foot and would not remove himself.

My first encounter with a pet poodle was Pepe, a black Miniature who we adopted when my son was born. Pepe was a loyal protector of my son and watch dog for many years.

Sidney, a Toy black Poodle invaded my household like a Tasmanian Devil.  Strong willed and protective of my former husband.  Sidney attacked a member of the household and was placed in a home with a calmer environment.

Louis, XIII was a Black Standard with a personalty that would not stop.  For a dog, he was adept at playing Frisbee for hours.  He loved to swim and take long walks.  We were blessed to have him in our home for five years.

Moon Shadow was an exceptional friend.  Never did he cease to amuse me when he ran to great me, put on the brakes and his hind legs swung around to the side and forced him into an abrupt seated position.  He brought his own leash and would drop it in my lap when he was interested in an adventurous walk. 

Adventures we did have.  We traveled to the Dominican Republic where he herded our three cats.  Always alerting me at roll call when one was missing but could immediately locate the errant feline.  He rode shot gun with me through the mountains and his presence a discouragement for anyone so inclined to wish me harm.  Twelve years filled with love and laughter from my fur-faced friend.  Whether he was burglarizing the refrigerator of fresh roasted chicken or chasing a horse, seagull or butterfly he never ceased to amaze me.

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What is not to love. <br />
They are so intelligent, happy and compasionate.

All of your babies sound wonderful :) poodles really are addictive I have 2 mini babies of my own, I love them to bits.