At The Cinema!!

i have always loved popcorn, and i always remember going to the movies when i was young, and getting popcorn!! i always liked popcorn more than candy when i went to the movies!! since then i have discovered popping corn, and for the past 20 years or so, i have enjoyed making my own at home!!! delicious!! lol

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15 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I used to have it at the movies but not anymore, I think I prefer chips.

WHAT!!!!!! YOUR SAYING MY FOOD IS CRAP?????? well you can make your own food next time!! lol

quality food takes time!!! you must know this by now *shine* lol

its true its true!!! im not slow at all!!!

you better believe it lol!!!

me!!!! slow!!!! never!!!! lol

awww, isnt that a shame, but do you like the taste though?

ha ha, you didnt think i would forget that did you?

good!!! anything to please her majesty!!!

ok,ok you've got your food now!! happy? lol

ok ok, im doing my best!!!

hold on, hold on, be patient!!! lol

well, im going to make you something just now, arent i!!!!

i just had dinner myself, so im alright, but i guess there's always room for a hotdog!!! lol

i love hot dogs too!!! yummy!!!