Oh Babay ....

If he looks like and talks like Colin Ferrel - hell yeah! 

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Scottish guys are mmmmmm yummy ... :)

Oh yeah and 'Oh So Cool' like he doesn't even know it. Mmmmmmm

OH god yeah!! Liam's accent - I am a sucker for that - and he is HOT

You keep Colin, I'll take Liam Neeson! LOL I love this fantasy!

It's the dark hair, dark eyes - I am a SUCKER for tall dark and handsome men *sigh* - It shall be by downfall. Add the accent - and I am in LOVE [ok - not love - an intense level of lust :) ]

You know I'm not the only one who will search this out!! <br />
<br />
Collin Ferrel, huh?? I can't say I ever thought of him as sexy! LOL

Now - that is true. Colin Ferrel IS a ****, but he is HOT. And - I guess if this is imaginary - and I can dream - then in my dream - Colin Ferrel is a gorgeous man, who is kind, loving, calls the day after, gives money to charity and always helps old women across the street (OK - I can dream big) :)

I like your thinking on the height.<br />
<br />
As for porking leprechauns, maybe that's what I've been doing wrong. I usually offer them lamb stew, pudding, and stout. Guess I'll have to try offering them pork.

Oh - I KNOW!!! And - I would just HAVE to do my duty to keep them smiling ... :)

That is the perfect height!!

no wonder all leprechauns are always smilling

I KNOW!!! Talk about the PERFECT height ??? Yeah -- think about it :)

But he's only 3' tall. Have fun!