Smoking During Sex

I have to tell you that I love a woman who smokes, especially one who is kinky enough to want to smoke while she sucks my ****. If she can blow smoke over the head of my **** while she sucks it, OMG, the things I will in turn do for her.

The first time this ever happened to me, I was about 16, the girl I was dating and I were at a drive in theater and as we made out during the movie, she was smokin a cigarette, blowing smoke into my mouth as we kissed....I remember being so turned on (very strange since I did not smoke myself).

Then she got aggressive, she pulled my **** out of my jeans, I was already rock hard, she spread my legs, looked up at me, took a big hit from her cigarette and as she licked the head of my ****, slowly blew smoke over it as she put every inch of me into her mouth.....

She moved to the back seat of my hot rod, she was in the back, removed her panties and began playing with her ****, she took her cigarette and slipped it into her *****, got it nice and wet and continued smoking it. She told me, I taste good, wanna lick it and find out. This was in 1981 and she was shaved with just a little hair on top....I of course moved to the back of the car, as I licked her ****, she continued smoking, grabbed my hand and told me to slip two fingers into her *****. I did and worked her till she squirted all over my face and upholstery.....It was amazing. The sex went on for about 2 hours, at the end, she lie me on my back and as she stroked my ****, she lit another cigarette and worked me till I came all over her face.....

As a result of this, I am ruined for life, so long to vanilla sex forever!
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Your experience is what my fantasies are made of. I yearn for a smoking blow job or even a smoking kiss. It's all I can think about and I never even dated a smoker! I guess I'll just have live vicariously through you!

It is just amazing to have a woman smoke during the entire act, I have experienced that all the women in my life have been very willing to do this for me.......I, of course go out of my way to fulfill all their nasty kinky ways for them.......*** for Tat as the say...<br />
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Thanks for the comments gang....Nice to know I am not the only sick one out here.....

my gf too smokes in bed and blows the smoke on my cockhead. sometimes she takes a full drag when i put it in her mouth to **** her. the smoke on the peehole gives strange feelings

Absolutely amazing......I will post more on up ******* events on this topic....Thanks for chiming in....Cypboy, love to hear more.....and of course see some of that....We can exchange...

must have been more than a cigarette?