The Best Cars Ever!!

My moms 2001 Porsche Boxster was the first car i learned to drive a clutch in. What a fun ride.

My daily car is a scion xb, but I bought a 1985 Porsche 944 as a project for a little over $2k. There is no scratches, the engine is supercharged with less than 2k miles on it. It is beautiful inside and out, and there is really nothing wrong with it. And IT IS FAST. Heads up against a new 2009 Dodge Challenger R/t, left the Challenger in the dust.

I dont know how I got it for $2k. Haha!

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Wow. I love the 911. Sounds like a great car. I can only imagine what it would be like to have it as a first car. My 944 is only a weekend car, and only if the roads are clean and the sky is clear. I baby my 944, because it is as unique as Porsches can get. That's not to say that all stock is awesome as it is. It's just I feel the 944 wasnt the prettiest car off the factory line. <br />
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With a 911 like yours, I wouldn't change a thing. They were built with care and precision. Not to mention that the red color probably looks awesome<br />
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Thanks for the comment, jbirdy

i love my Porsche too! i've had a crazy life, so it's not that odd for me to have a 2003 red Porsche Carerra 9/11 as my first car. i love it. i'm small (4 ft 10 and slim), it's small. and the best part is i never plan on selling it so i don't mind putting tons of miles on it. i used to race way too much, but since i got a ticket i've tried to keep it under 100. i wish my mom would let me take it on a track or somewhere i can fly, but she has no idea of my racing skills and doesn't trust me. it's all good though cuz i'm thankful for simply having it.