A One Time Encounter With Portland Made A Huge Impression On Me

About five years ago, I helped my friend move from the Midwest to Portland for a new job.  It was an adventure and I was more than happy to help, and when we arrived in Portland, it instantly made an impression.   It was sooooo green and beautiful and so different that this flat cornfield of a place I come from.  We used the public transportation, went to Voodoo Doughnut, did the Rose Test garden and Japanese Garden - and Powell's (as a librarian and lover of books, that was outstanding) - As soon as I was on the flight, I was fantasizing about ways I could get back there - leave my Indy home behind and start a new life in Portland.  

It's been five years and I've only been back once.   My friend has since moved back (for a job in Chicago) so I don't have a contact there anymore.   But this might be the time to make it happen! 

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2012

LIAR LIAR LIAR Portland is very welcoming. Come on and live here... Wait your not from New York so yea come on out!<br />
<br />
Friend me if you want a contact in Portland.

thanks for the offer - I'll beep you when and if I make it out there!

i added you. sitting in MugShots on 10th ave right now. love love love this place!

get out of portland many better citys<br />
<br />
like mant big towns they really do like stangers in many areas and even unsafe