I posed for my first nudes for someone way back when I was in my early teens. We borrowed mt dads old Kodak Colorburst instant camera (remember them?)and took some nudes in my parents hot tub. Fast forward almost 30 years and I'm still taking my clothes off got a msn who whips out a camera! I can't imagine how many ex boyfriends are out there with a collection if my nudes over the past 30 years!
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LOL. You should have kept copies for your own collection. I'm sure your husband would enjoy going through pictures of you going back to your teenage years, especially any explicit pictures.

Sounds like your a lot of fun! Add me please ?

Show me a camera and I will bare all. Love to pose naked. Started early with husband and graduated to nude erotic shots with nude guys and girl. I even did a soft core video just for fun. If you got show ti !!!

Cool! Please add me.

Sorry not for the public

shame, why pose at all?

Blondee, it is sooo refreshing to see another woman who loves to take off their clothes for the camera.. Most or all are guys with stories in here.. When I was a girl I undressed for more then a few cameras, Now it's primarily for my hubby.. Although I did have a pro photog take some boudoir shots of me at home.. They were my b-day gift tp my hubby last year.. It was much more erotic before digi cams when one needed to take the roll of film to get it developed.. When picking up the pics a guys would give you a nice little smile as to say, "Ive seen you naked." Very hot.. Great story Blondee..

Thats pretty hott! I love a woman who will pose nude!

I love women that like to pose nude.

we shot in B 7 W and then I learned howto develop color, so we did some of those, never liked polaroids, the digital era makes things much easier and sexier. I love looking back on my wife's photos from 30 years ago.

Another woman who should check out the Score Group.They have some great photographers and magazines to match.You sound like one of their Naughty Neighbors(hint hint).

We used the old Polaroid. The pics sucked. Glad to see you still enjoy the rush of posing!

Really? I like seeing old Polaroid nudes...especially my own. Lol.

If your pics are anything like the profile pic. Then you are a very sexy woman. I would love to see more.

Thank you.

Not just sexy, but with very seductive eyes...

That's awesome. I'd like my wife to pose for some. She's taken some for me and I've gotten some action shots. But to have her pose for me would be so hot! Thanks for sharing

Loosen her up with booze...or something harder! That always worked on me...which is probably why I looked passed out in so many.

I'm sure that it would make a great album if you could collect them all.

I wish i could!

I can imagine. It's similar to guys who think that because they say they are Doms and demand a submissive to obey an e-mail or message. If she says **** off, he comes back with "you're not a sub. You don't know what one is. " Ignorance may be bliss but it damn sure ain't attractive. An a Dominant it does not make. Meatheads. I guess somebody loves em.

True, because subs only need to obey their Master.

I can certainly understand your ire and disgust with that. Some seem to feel being civil much less adult is not required on the Internet. Rude is rude in any forum. Very nice avatar by the way. Defend your right to be treated with respect! I will.

You should see the private messages I get. I'm pretty open and honesty and will discuss sex pretty bluntly, but right away some ******* assumes I should help him jerk off our assume that he can meet me to ****.

I'm a little confused here. You like posing and are talking about that but find someone that wants to see them offensive? Did I miss something? No disrespect, I am just not sure what I missed...did you not like having been photographed?

I find little boys who speak to me rudely or make demand of me offensive. Apparently, many of the "men" on EP have little experience talking to real women.

Photography, the gift that keeps giving :)

You are my kind of woman!

Not judging by some of the comments you made towards me.

good for you....sharing your inner sexiness with those you felt were worthy~

Not really..a lot of them were just taken in the jest picture moment whether I wanted to or not.


i'm doing pix trade on ihatework23@yahoo.com interested?

Not at all. This wasnt an invitation.

Posing may have been too broado a term, lol. Though I have posed for quite a free pics, a lot are just candid pics taken with a **** in my mouth or getting ******!

Good for you. Must be rather exciting knowing lots of guys are still gawking at your nude body.