Super **** Model...

There is nothing I like more than dressing up in outrageous,erotic lingerie and posing, preening,and generally showing off in the mirror or on camera dressed in the most taboo,most feminine,most gender challenging fetish/vintage/sissy/over the top lingerie imaginable!I get a huge charge out of dressing/video taping myself ************ in all types of womens underwear!I love sneaking around after my wifes gone to bed,sniffing her stained panty crotch,dressed from head to toe in layers upon layers of stockings,corsets,girdles,pantys garter belts,slips,bras,waist cinchers,shapewear,opera gloves,pearls and all things feminine!on occasion,the wife has unexpectedly walked in on me,w/pantys wrapped around my head,sniffing and jacking furiously only to freezein shock as I uncontrollably erupt in a quivering,mind blowing,intensely strong and immediate ******,as I attempt to stammer a weak apology..."oops! aarrgh!....caught.....ungh!ungh!caught me!...fuuuuuck!"she usually demeans me"You ve GOT to be KIDDING me!""are you fukin serious?whose pantys are those" you want to be a girl?she ll screamand I just keep ******* off,faster and faster squirting *** everywhere while she looks on,pissed off and I experience the best most humiliating ****** lasting a hellacious long time and unequalled in intensity!
raquel7 raquel7
41-45, M
Jan 6, 2013