Woman Who Ate Nothing But French Fries Featured On A Tv Show

 There was a woman who ate really nothing but french fries, on the show "Freaky Eaters" on the Discovery Health channel.  She was this way from age 3 to at least 29 when the episode was taped.  I am amazed that she survived and seemed healthy still.  And she was maybe just a little overweight.  She just did not like any other foods, and it was thought to be a disorder.  She cooked the french fries at home, and they were the "crinkle" kind.

This episode made me crave french fries, and I thought a diet of french fries must be very delicious, but I would not eat that way, but I eat french fries occasionally.
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Vitamins do a body good :D<br />
Though french fries...<br />
<br />
Deadmoon comes to mind xD

How can she not be highly malnutritioned after all those years?? o.O