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hi guys and gals.
so ive been bodybuilding locally and commpeting for about 18months now not taking placement too seriously but enjoying the results. however i had a terrible back injury in jan 2011 and have just got back into the gym. i am a personal trainer rep3 qualified specialised etc so i know how to get in shape for shows, but due to my back injury i cant deep squat, heavy squat etc because of intense healing pains the following few days and training for bodybuilding shows just isnt realistic because of this. however i have always been very strong whatever my size but i am now 255lbs fairly lean but mostly bulk, i have been told that i could have a guest invitation to a local strongman comp in may 2012, provided i meet certain qualification standards.
so my main point is that i would love some advice and guidance about how to train purely for strength. what sort of weight im should be aiming for my current stats are
height 6"1
weight 255lbs
bench 135kgs plus bar
deadlift 245kgs
squat 185kgs
clean and press 140kgs
these are all my one rep maxes. have done more on some e.g. bench but cant do it regularly
so guys let me know if you have any advice, hints,tips or comments cheers
trev23 trev23
22-25, M
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