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There is nothing more  erotic (for me ) as  a male *** being stroked  lovingly with my whip... and the pink/ purple welts that would be a sweet reminder by tomorrow.

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My G/F Mistress refuses to use the whip, a cat of nine tails, on me .She does, however, allow me to punish myelf with it, if she is happy with the results I know that I will receive a spanking to finish the job off, if she is unhappy I receive a severe spanking at some point in the next week just to remin me how uselessI am.

would love to feel your strokes, sitting on my knees for you

I would love to be spanked wearing my satin panties!

Nothing like a good flogging to remind you of your a "pleasant " way

ya you are right dear

Nothing can give you the same enjoyment and satisfaction more than beaten warm pink *** and tears of pain in the eyes.

A whipping is fine by me!

Ohhh ... to hear & see the sweet swishing sound of the flogger against my sissy 's satin panties...what an orgasmic experience!

Too true!!

ah yes getting whipped or caned is heaven

James and the others,<br />
I agree = too nice!

I must admit that i also love Mistress L putting me in strict bondage and then whipping me to her hearts content, she loves the control and i love the feeling of a very sensitive *** for 4 or 5 days

Oh I would so much love you to whip my bare ***!

kinkyinoz ,<br />
your words are music to my ears... perhaps a quick flogging?

Mmmmmm! And there is nothing I like more than the vulnerable sensation of having my bared bottom raised in air as my mistress prepares to take her whipping pleasure. James.

this is an experience I would love to experience. Have had many things, but never the whip.

and don't i know it!