Made My Dad Some Special Kind Of Brownies :d

Ok my parents are very nice don't get me wrong they love me but they are very strict. My momma is very sweet and loving were like best friends but she will spank me for back talking or fighting with my brothers in a second. My daddy is a very loving guy and i'm a daddy's girl all the way he is very nice but he is stricter then my momma and that always ends bad for my butt. Ok well we just moved and I meet a neighbor girl and some of her friends and we became fast friends pretty fast and they invited me to see War Horse it looks like a good movie. My momma was going to take me but had to leave town and just left me and my siblings and my daddy which isn't bad but I knew he wouldn't let me go because he didn't know the girl's parents well enough. And I was begging him and he just ignored me and wouldn't let me explain so I looked online for good pranks and saw one that was perfect. It was take some brownie mix and take some chocolate ex lax and then bake the brownies and I thought well let's change the prank up a bit. So I put super glue on the toilet seat and then wait. Well I said daddy I made you some brownies since momma is away he gave me a kiss on the forehead and said thank you that was sweet he said so no hard feelings about the movie I said no daddy no hard feelings. So I tell my brothers what I did and they laughed and promised they wouldn't tell on me so we go and watch TV with daddy and he's eating the brownies he sure enjoyed them. He ate 9 out of the dozen I made my daddy has a sweet tooth for chocolate like brownies and cakes etc. Well I waited and texted my mom telling her what I did because I knew she would spank me when she got home if I didn't she was laughing and said well that was funny but said you shouldn't prank your daddy like that. Well he finally goes to the bathroom and he's in there awhile and then I hear him scream and yell for my brother and he get's up and goes to my parents bathroom and I hear him laughing and my dad yelling at him. The reason he was yelling is because my brother wasn't wanting to get the nail polish remover for him and my dad told him if you don't get it for me i'll spank you and so he did. Well your probably wanting to know why he didn't yell for me well I don't think my daddy would want me to see him on the toilet so he yelled for my brother. Well my dad finally got up took long enough I guess letting the ex lax run it's course and then yelled at me he strapped my bare butt 40 times and yes I cried but I deserved it. I hope you all enjoyed my story.
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2012

lol thats funny, bare with the strap hurts, my dad uses a razor strap:(

Awesome prank!! Good uck for Wednesday :)


I think your lucky your mom wasn't home.