I had a vicious teacher in high school. One time she wore white pants, which was lovely and shone like snow. We had two classes in row with her. We borrowed some red oil ink from art class, and emptied them in her chair. She came and sit in her chair :) when she sad up to write something at table, the view of her rear pants was unbelievable. The back of her pants was completely red, the area of her panties are even visible. She didn’t sit firm and she move a lot when she had sat. Oh shittt I got hard on. My lady friend who sat next to me could see my hardness. **** why I didn’t wear jeans. That was a little embarrassing. After finishing the first class I went to restroom to take care of myself. We thought that she wouldn’t come to next class, but she came and OMG she wore a legging this time. I didn’t know that she had legging in her locker; has just borrowed it from some friends or what. But we were pretty sure that she didn’t go out of the school. Oh not again, I was hard again. She took her revenge this time, we could saw just through her legging this time and she just laughed, this time she sent some of my friends at the table and questioned them, I was relieved when I was found out that I wasn’t the only one that got hard on.
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Exciting story! Thank you.