Wild Tutor Chase

Well as many of you know I am homeschooled and I have a tutor how comes to our house and teaches me and my sister, he single middle aged stick in the mud college professor, he is smart but really he can be kinda dull he doesnt know much about life outside of academics.
I am always pulling ridiculous pranks on him for instance on Wendesday I cut down a tree in the drive way to prevent him to getting to our house, he didnt like that (claimed I was trying to kill him, such a drama queen) neither did my dad : /
Thurday I threw a book at him because he told me to quite daydreaming about those stupid horses and focus on my english work, I dont like being told what to do and NO ONE calls my horse stupid and gets away with it.
And on Friday he gave me an hour detention for shooting spit balls at him.
I know it might seem strange for someone who is homeschooled to get detention but really it is the same as it would be for a regular school, he makes me sit in a hard chair for an hour or two while he reads to me in Latin, its extremely boring and I cant fall asleep other wise he drops a book on the desk and wakes me up.

A good friend of mine Forceunleased gave me the idea for this prank, his suggestion was for me to give my tutor some crazy directions to my aunt and uncles house and then while he was busy with that we would have a few hours off school.
Well it was a good plan but I had to change it up a little bit, see my aunt and uncle usually watch us while my parents are on vacation, they live down the road from us but I have already once pulled this prank on him before (cant believe he was dumb enough to fall for it twice) so instead of telling him we were staying at my uncles I schemed to tell him we would at my older brother Tylers house this week.
Friday afternoon school got finished and my tutor was packing up his various books and papers and was heading out to his car, so I decided to follow him and tell him the crazy plan.
I followed him out to his car "Wait I forgot to tell you my parents are going to be out of town this week, and Arlie and Lisa are busy so we will be staying at my  brother Tylers house till friday, so you can just come there, i'll give you the directions..........."
He put his books in the passenger side of his car, while trying to pay attention to me ramble off crazy directions............."Left at the first stop sign, right at the second cattle guard, got straight for 5 miles and turn right at the rusted barbed wire fence, follow that for three miles, and you should come to a windmill, turn left and you should write this down because here  is where its  about to get complicated............."
He dug around in his briefcase and got some paper and pen and I rattled off more crazy directions, I cant even remember them all now but really I just had him going in circles.
He seemed to be in a hurry (im pretty sure he just wanted to get away from me) so he jumped in his car, bid me farwell, and sped away. Monday I would find out if he was dumb enough to believe my crazy story or not.

This morning came around, we start school everyday at 8-o-clock sharp, 8:05 and no tutor, 8:30 no sign of him, BOOM SHAKALAKA it worked, I got the morning off =D
At 10:45 I finally saw his car coming up the driveway, he didnt look happy, and he went straight to my parents with a complaint, about how i am driving him crazy and if the pranks dont stop he will consider looking for another place of enployment.
I got lectured and scolded for lying and threatened to be sent off to boarding school if I dont straighten up, but I agrued right back and said, "why on earth did he trust me, I mean come on I have fooled him once before, and if my parents were really going away wouldnt they have told him personally that we wouldnt be home"?
The school day went on normally without anymore incident, although he did give me a mountain load of homework I guess as revenge for sending him on that wild goose chase, ha ha ha ha haha.
I went out riding and followed his tracks he had followed my directions exactly to the instructs, I only sent him on a 30 mile detour but it ended up taking him almost 3 hours, he he he he that is pure genius right there

And the funniest thing about this whole thing is that Tylers house is on the same highway ours is on, so my tutor drives past it twice a day, 5 days a week, every week during the school year, and he obviously never paid enough attention to realize that ha ha ha ha oh well, thats just a reminder to all you city folk get outside more and learn to read a map dont trust the Lexi Certified GPS system whahahahahaha

bullgirl104 bullgirl104
18-21, F
Sep 25, 2012