Thanksgiving, Missing Pie

I have a kind of rocky past with my family and Thanksgiving dinner lol. Last year I put soap in the stuffing. Got in major trouble for it because I couldn't stop laughing, my cousin and partner in crime was laughing too. It was really that funny. But the punishment wasn't worth the crime, so this year I toned it down some. Plus people were keeping an eye on me lol.

My dear great aunt (sarcasm in the dear part), had bake 3 pies. One was sweet potatoe and the other 2 pumpkin. And like old fashion movies, she really does sit her pies by the window to cool. She was so proud of those things, so I figured they were perfect. Then it hit me, steal one. The window in the kitchen is so close to the door to basement that it was perfect. When the kitchen was at its busiest I walked by snatched one and was downstairs before anyone even noticed lol. Let me say, yes that pumpkin pie was pretty good. I tasted it before I tossed it behind the dryer in the laundry room. I figure it will take a week, maybe less depending on how much she uses the dryer before it starts to stink.

So we get through dinner and then comes the fun. My aunt was freaking out and blaming people of taking it. I was of course the first one suspected but I said with a straight face that it wasn't me. I even started looking for it with real concern.

I know once its found, I'm probably going to get blamed. But until then, its still kind of funny.

Not my best prank, but hey it ended without me in any trouble so far :)
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3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

you should've ate the whole thing and blame it on Donovan lol

lol, damn that would have been a good idea! Maybe next year XD

Oh my. I personally love pranking people too but I'd rather that people laugh with me afterwards than they wanting to wring my neck. There's no fun in that. Your aunt is going to be very angry at you.

yes she will be if she can prove its me lol

Hahaha Well that is pretty good but a waste of good pie I would have just kept it for myself.

Well I ate some of it lol