The Prank I Pulled

I have pulled many pranks, but one sticks out. It happened during middle school, and inadverently started the greatest prank war I ever had.

The target was my friend. One day, we were having a sleepover at my house. My friend was a boy, around the age of twelve. We played some games that bored us to sleep. However, I have a tendecy to awaken earlier than most people. As night came, my friend was still sleeping. I decided to pull a prank on him. I got out a sharpie markers, with different colors. Noticing that my friend was in a deep sleep, with his arms sticking out to his sides, and shirt off with shorts, I took advantage of him.

I drew on his hands, feet, back, arms, and legs. I didn't write anything profantic in nature, or anything bad. I simply listed his classes and teachers, and other fun facts about our friendship. When my friend awoke, I led him by his hand to a mirror, where he noticed the sharpie writings. My friend said he would get me back.

Throughout the night, I slept with fear. Since he haven't pulled a prank yet, I knew he was planning something big for me. In the morning, we had breakfast, which consisted of eggs and bacon. After that, I took a nap. My friend had put shaving cream in my hands, and tickled my nose with a feather. I smeared shaving cream on my face.

Since those two pranks, my friend and I have been closer. We have pulled numerous pranks on each other. My favorite is probably when he drew on me, when I was in a deep sleep. Obviously, he copied my prank I pulled on him. My arms, legs, back, hands, and feet was covered with sharpie, and it was a beautiful work of art.

After we went our seperate ways, I haven't been pranked anymore. Those childhood wars brought back good memories. I hope someone in college would prank me, and I would get them back.

dave0903 dave0903
18-21, M
Jan 14, 2010