Pre-school Rules

Pre-school teachers rule! Well, I think they do. I wish they ruled the world! It would be a far safer, happier, more considerate and caring place if they did.

Their work is seriously undervalued in our society, given the importance of their job and the life-long influence they have had on the minds of all of us.

No doubt some of us went to pre-school already knowing how to count to ten -or further-and many would have known the alphabet, at least as a recited sequence.

But most children learn these things  -the basic building blocks of our hyper-literate, super-numerate modern world-in pre-school classes. And it is the pre-school teachers and assistants who help lay these firm foundations.

I have spent many hundreds of hours working in pre-school centres -as a visiting performer or a resident assistant for kids with special needs- and I have always been impressed by the patience, tolerance and calm persistence of the staff in ensuring the best possible start for our children.

To most countries' shame, these early childhood educators are inevitably the lowest-paid of all professionals, and occupy the lowest status. But be assured, it takes a very special kind of person to be a pre-school teacher: the kind of person I dearly love.

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I love pre school teachers, too. As a teacher, I have enormous admiration and respect for those whose vocation lies in early childhood development. I have seen children with massive problems thrive because of the expert care and devotion lavished on them by these marvellously talented people.

You provide yet more evidence of the selfless dedication of pre-school teachers, leahm. Being sensitive to the needs of children quite likely makes you more vulnerable than most to some of life's struggles. I am glad you are able to put a brave face on it, and hope things in your non-work life get better soon.

I am a preschool teacher, I love the kids sooo very much. There are days we all struggle but we pull through. My personal life is different I'm going through a rough time but I don't let it show through my work.<br />
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I loved this post, thank you!! <3

Thank You for your comments, friends. <br />
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You are right, Lilt -as always- so much patience is required with the pre-school age group, but most of the staff see it as a vocation, not just a job, and they really do it for the love.<br />
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Thank You for the prsonal insights, wiseowl. I'm sorry some parents take you for granted and undervalue the tremendous dedication required for the job. I hope my story goes some way towards thanking you for your work. At the last pre-school centre I worked in, we found it difficult to get parents to help out on a regular basis. <br />
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Thank You for your comment, Amy. I'm glad you liked most of your pre-school teachers.

i think most are good too!:)

I teach pre-school. It's a hard job, lots of training every year. We strive to be good & even great. Some parents look at us as a baby sitter. Oh no.. I teach the basics of education so they are ready for school. All my kid's have done fine in public school too. So often Parent's treat teachers badly. We report behaviors that need to be addressed.. That makes a few Moms angry but it's important. Social skills carry over into Kindergarten.We try to iron out the problems so transition goes nicely. Sometimes it's a thankless job. Thank you for this story. I wish more parents could see how hard we work and care about their child's success.

Pre-school teacher is not a job for wimps!<br />
Patience, patience and more patience.<br />
The salary sucks, but the perks of hugs and love make it worthwhile.

thanks A !

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I tell you what you should do: put in a counter-claim against the mother for inadequate parenting causing you stress.<br />
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Best of luck, Hon. If you need a character reference, you know where to come.

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it's all about the kids! <br />
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I could perhaps have been a little more generous with my love and called this group "I Love People Who Work With Children" -because, generally speaking, I do. But there is something extra special about early childhood educators -just as there is something extra special about children in that pre-school age group.<br />
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Thank You for your comments, Anj and Sarah.

oh how true Kiwi! very true. "The hand that rocks the cradle , is the hand that rules the world ."


Don't sell yourself so short, Sarah! Everything you write speaks very eloquently about what a lovely person you are! Thank You for dropping by!

I am not the eloquent writer that Amber is, but, Amber rocks!<br />
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just sayin'