Reciprocal Needs

Pregnancy risk sex goes beyond simple barebacking. Barebacking is basically a selfish, lazy thing -- don't want to wear a condom, and just want to appeal to one's own pleasure. One can bareback with birth control, and not risk pregnancy (or at least, lower the risk).

Pregnancy risk sex requires stalking the woman and getting familiar with her menstrual cycle, and watching carefully for signs of ovulation. It also requires arguing against birth control, so you know she's fertile. You **** her for the days before she ovulates, and every day till a few days after, just to make sure there is motile ***** in her when her egg(s) are released.

You have to be in good condition, too, and not smoke or drink so that your ***** is in top form and health. And you have to encourage her to do the same, so she's at the peak of her health. And you need to know what turns her on, what can make her unable to resist, and make her accept you ******* inside of her. That's quite a lot of work, even if you're into forced sex scenes!

If she's into it too, then it can be crazy-fun for everyone. Of course, making a baby is a big, big responsibility, and this sort of thing has serious repercussions for all parties involved. All in all, doing it as a fetish role-play is likely the hottest solution -- but that requires you to find a compatible partner, and until then, a lot of planning and plotting inside your head.

That's true for men as well as for woman. I've always been turned on by men who lust after the probability of impregnating me; men who lie about pulling out, or play at stalking and raping me. It's not at all one-sided, not in the least ... and it's not just about being lazy about birth control or making the move toward sex. My preference is for men who can't get off without knowing there is a chance to knock up the ***** he's *******. I know, it's a lot of requirements for a successful hook-up, but there are plenty of men with this need, just as there are plenty of women with a reciprocal need.
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michael, ever since i realized this was a need, it has been almost too easy to find men who require it, too! i'm sure there are many women who would love to receive your end of the deal -- just a matter of identifying it themselves. ;)

stonecold, so generous of you -- i hope she wants to help you out too! ;)

zandergh, for a lot more than 9 months ... even if she gives the baby up for adoption.

how selfless of you -- no pleasure beyond that one ****? lol ;)

Actually it would be a lot more than one screw.

trmbnlvr, his ****** is required for me to feel we've actually ******. :)

I love the thrill of pumping seed into a fertile woman.

david, i hope you enjoy this type of sex too?

wildblkman, i'm glad you have women who are into having your babies -- lucky them!

I love your story! I have 5 beautiful kids to 4 different woman. I can't *** with out trying to plant my seed deep inside!

kwright, i hope they are fertile when you're making your rounds. ;)

I get off on trying to knock up girls!!!<br />
I never buy condoms!

needitbad, alas, there are consequences of the fetish ... does "the next time" mean with this same gf?

wyatt, loll never mind that coitus interruptus is hardly any good as birth control! ;)

atopman, the writing style? or the ******* style? ;)

Very well written. I like your style!

barebackbrian, love that there are guys who will stalk someone's cycle to ensure a good breeding percentage. of course, some men will just **** often and indiscriminately in order to get similar absolute numbers. it's all a sense of personal style, don't you think? it must be flattering when women are willing to spread open and leave it to fate, knowing you are a "good one" in their eyes -- and hopefully in their wombs!

I agree. I need to know beforehand that there's a genuine risk of pregnancy before I fill a woman's womb full of my fertile seed. There are a number of ways to acquire such information and often I find out by accident. For instance a former roomate used to tell one of our other roomates in the house that she always brought condoms on her dates as she was not on the pill and didn't like other methods of birth control. I also knew when her periods were as she'd discuss them with other housemates in my presence. It was relatively easy for her and I to be together when she did not have condoms with her (she was not expecting to be dating anyone that evening) and me knowing she was in the middle of her cycle. <br />
<br />
Other times the women had gone off the pill due to a breakup and had not expected to date again for a while. Still other women even had sex with me without birth control because they believed "fate" will choose when they will have kids.<br />
<br />
So yes, having birth control free sex has been the norm for me. However there's nothing hotter than actually knowing that a woman is at the peak of her fertility right at the moment I blast load after load of my baby soldiers deep into her unprotected womb. That's the hottest sex of all.

bemybadgirl, and there is the ego-boost you get from having a wife who is so highly desired by others. there is that wonderful song by jimmy soul, "If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife, so from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you." That's the advice for a man who doesn't want other men to be attracted to their woman ... but in truth, I think men are flattered when other men want and covet what they have. ;)<br />
<br />
i understand what you mean by similarity in men who might impregnate your wife; by accident, i have chosen men who do resemble each other. there isn't a non-biochemical way to figure out who the father is, i don't think -- a nice turn-on side effect!

You are very right about that. I think a man and a woman have to be secure with one another's love in order to be healthy and open. I find men that are too possessive to be on the weak side. On the other hand, I don't want to broadcast my dream wife's openness, as it could have adverse consequences. many do you have? Each a different biodaddy? Hubby for any?

no on knows, bemybadgirl ... it's best not to divulge such things. after all if the child(ten) and father(s) don't know, why should anyone else? ;)

Aurora, you show so much understanding in your comments, especially understanding about men and our desire to impregnate. When I am having sex with a woman and she says "I want your baby" it sends pulses through my being. <br />
<br />
As a man, I have enjoyed thoughts and ideas that might be startling and unacceptable to the others. Since I no longer believe that monogamy is a good idea, I have had to consider the risk of pregnancy to my beloved when she is with others. If I could live my life over again I would be with a much more open minded woman. In my fantasy system we would make sure our firstborn was biologically mine. We would try to make sure the second one was, as well. The third child would be "lady's choice." She could choose how she gets pregnant and by whom. My only request is racial similarity, for the sake of the child and our family reputation. I tell her that I see basic choices as to how she can get "knocked up".<br />
<br />
Women naturally like to affiliate. So in my fantasy of open marriage, through the years my wife will have special lovers to whom she feels close. Perhaps she would choose the option of having the baby of a special lover. At the same time, my lovely wife would enjoy the freedom to behave promiscuously. That might mean she would enjoy sex with several partners around her fertile time. In this scenario she would not be sure who "knocked her up" until she sees the baby's eyes, and perhaps not even then.<br />
<br />
In my chatting with women online have been particularly aroused by those who secretly are not sure their husband is the father, biologically, of all of his children. As we know, whether men like it or not, about one in five children and not from the seed of the woman's husband (and most of the time he has no idea). DNA may prove the variance is even greater.<br />
<br />
It was a mystery to me that the whole sharing idea excites me as much as it does. It is even more of a history that the idea of mystery pregnancies is so exciting. On the other hand it is no mystery that I would enjoy knowing other men's wives are having my babies. I also enjoy the corrupt thought of misleading men into believing babies are theirs.

ziegenbagel, i woke up this weekend with my mouth around his **** as he was about to *** ... it's possible!

desire4women, yes indeed ... have you ever lost this version of russian roulette?

You mean baby roulette?

maybe i meant "win" rather than "lose" lol

markfree, that compatibility thing -- and lying artfully -- are really important to mutual enjoyment in a casual relationship. i love men who lie about making sure i don't get knocked up -- you know, turning a hot **** into a rape!

I can't get off any more with out thinking I am making a baby. I really hate it when a women says, "Don't worry, I am fixed."

jollyrodger, i assume the "can't" is about doing the right thing ... the fantasy is likely enough in many cases!

I'm into it.. your Story summed up how I feel. Would love to find someone like you to take the risk with, but can't, unfortunately..

greystreet, that's an exciting act of charity you and your wife committed!

Back when I smoked, drank too much and wasn't eating very well, my wife asked me to walk down the hall and show her best girlfriend who was staying with us for a while when she left her husband that she WASN'T frigid as her husband had accused her of being. She was on the pill, but had never had an ******. 20 minutes later she was screaming out while on top of me and cuming like crazy. I looked up and saw the door cracked and my wife watching.. . . . Nine months later, you guessed it, she had a baby girl, but had gone back to her husband who to this day doesn't have a clue the kid isn't his.

pro, the way people hold their hands up in horror at such things is amusing, too.

I got ya. The whole pregnancy possesion marking scenario is pretty hot. Really gets me going

pro, i'm heavily into possession play, too. ;)

I think the harder the better also and leaving marks is another big thing kinda like I left my *** in your ***** and bite marks on your boobs you are mine.

I don't think you'll need to convince him. If he knows you're into it and that you want it I'll bet he'll want it. Atleast I know that I would.

pro, that's also why i'm heavily into forced sex and rape scenes. :) and the rougher and harder, the better!

Oh hell yeah Aurora! Mmmm nothing like forced rape sex scenes!

I would agree for those of us who like it love it and need no convincing just the go ahead that you like it also atleast that's all I need

caramelicious, you can always try roleplay ... but in truth, no person -- male or female -- will fall intothat way of thinking unless it's always been within them. when they encounter the thought, it electrifies them and it becomes an obsession. maybe he needs permission to know that it's not dirty to you, but it's very highly desirable! now, how to convey that information? hmn ...

Yes, I agree with you on that one....I have learned and am learning alot about me the dirty ***** within :)

being a ***** is often conditional and dependent on environment. which is why it's hard to be a ***** universally or to all takers.

Damn Aurora that story was hot and really is/was a turn on. Mmmmmmmm now I have to wonder how to get my man interested...ideas ideas and plots to plot!

neauxbaudee, knowing he's going to actually dump his *** into me makes me insane with lust!

pro, when i was still ******* around, i definitely had a preference for men who would rape a fertile woman, and would do damage to her if she resisted. ;)

That is one of my fantasies....the rape one and he just uses me as some kind of dirty slutty ***** who's seed he just left inside me like a parting party favor

if he does it right, he'll want you to ********** to a big ****** so his *** gets sucked into our womb ... ;)

I know I've read a few stories that have really gotten me going but when I think about it I mean wow. Especially if the woman is on board also and egging me on to *** in her i mean like wow

pro, i understand ... nothing does it for me like a man deliberately trying to impregnate me. i remember the first story like that i'd read and it almost blinded me with desire! wish i could find that story again.

I guess you are right about being lazy but the whole pregnancy scenario really does it for me. Maybe it my primal need to procreate I don't know. But nothing turns me on as much as ******* in a woman with that risk

pro, thank you -- but i think if we're honest, we're primal and lazy, and that feeds into the "means to an end" actions we take to get what we truly believe we want. so, though it's work, it surely doesn't seem like it. :)

Wow I love your scenario. I love how you<br />
Completely explained the entire situation. The pregnancy risk is such a turn on<br />
For me and<br />
Your scenario was right on