Having Your Cuckold Sniped

I think that having the submissive husband be sterilized so that the wife has no option for bearing children other than other men is a wonderful milestone in a female led, cuckolding relationship. If the two of you are into female control and a bit of husbandly humiliation, you can utilize the vasectomy process to create a number of delightfully fem dom situations that will add much depth and humiliation to your sterilization. Items to consider include:

1. Are you comfortable with your in-laws or sisters knowing of your snipping?

2. Do you want the woman who works in HR at your office to know?

3. What about your wife calling your secretary and asking for the name of the HR rep for you, so she can discuss with her elective surgery on you – that will get her wondering and open the door for you or your wife to discuss your marital choice about the father of your children.

4. Will your wife go with you to the urologists office and explain why you are there, how she plans to have babies with better endowed, more virile men and wants to make sure any male babies she has will not have your little ****** problems?

5. As you will be wishing to get an absolutely irreversible vasectomy, do you wish to forego the privacy of a male urologists office – to instead see if a local teaching hospital or planned parenthood clinic will perform the more extensive procedures that will make the operation irreversible as an instructive procedure for nurses, younger doctors and even the clinic staff?
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I was sniped at 35 after fathering 2 girls. My wife was already having a regular date, 2 years after the snipe she started having the urge to get pregged by him. We all discussed it and now I father his 9 yr old son.

That is wonderful to hear paul hope she has another

Nice ans humiliating for those ******* that call themselves men, and only have a 3 inch ****..

I had a vasectomy and a number of our friends and family know it. Now my wife keeps talking about wanting another baby.

Maybe a good alternative would be a radical circumcision with a dorsal nerve cut. The cutting of the nerve would remove the feeling from the cut towards the tip of the penis. By keeping his balls in place this would be extremely frustrating as he would remain horny, but it would take a lot to get him to ***.

My wife decided to chemically castrate me with androcar and estrogen--she liked the results

That is hot! I like teh thought of teh cuckold being outed like that when his wife is impregnated by a BIG stud lover!

I was snipped 9 years ago after the birth of our first child, 5 years after i was done she admitted that she wanted another child. Reversal costs and horror stories put us both off but her urge seemed to get stronger. So on a vacation the subject raised its head again and I said in a drunken joking comment she should have a one night stand, we both laughed but the comment gained traction throughout the vacation. As you do on vacation you get talking with other people and we became friendly with another couple with a son the similar age to ours and a little harmless flirting took place. She joked why don't we ask him? this turned into a serious conversation so one night at the bar I broached the subject with him to my surprise he agreed. The following morning around the pool my wife made an excuse to go back to our room, 5 minutes later the man also made an excuse to his wife and rushed off to our room whilst we looked after the kids. Minutes later they returned all be it separated by a few seconds, my wife sat back down and whispered in my ear its done. I later asked her what happened and she said he came into the room bent her over a chair and took seconds to finish and the job as done. She gave birth 9 months later to a healthy baby girl.

Congratulations, you have an awesome wife

Made me hard

That's pretty much what happened when my wife arranged to have me snipped.

It makes sense if you don't want to have your son have a small **** like your husband but even if you breed with a guy who has 10 inches, if your Dad had a small **** wouldn't that be passed on just as easy?

You are right Dusty's **** is not as large as dad's was... Although Dusty still has over 9 inches which still puts him in the 94% percentile ... A girl has to make do with what she has. That is one of the reasons why I married my twin brother. 9 inches will get the job done quite nicely.

Debbie Cook

I feel very young at 29 to be snipped. However, if I'm not permitted sex and suffer from lowering testosterone is it really that much worse?

I dont think cuckolds should be snipped, they should be used as ***** donners to make daughters for the Bull To ****, if its ababy girl we keep it, thats how we do it in the Middle East

Interesting Idea!

ex: if the cuck daugther has no colored eyes, but cuckold father us Dominat bulls Force him to breed his daughters to make beautiful daugathers so we can bread, **** and milk, if the baby is boy we put in an orpohanage, but if the baby boy is good looking (like Brad pit) we us it as breeding stud

or just make the baby boys house labour. no need to overcrowd orphanages!

I think that if you are cuckold, you should have your penis removed, leave the balls so you are always horny. but i have to agree, that the Lady of the house, or the new Master of the house should make the decision for the cuckold, because it will just be the start of the natural order of things to come!

Pregnancy risk games sound like a lot of fun!!! There is no need to have cuck snipped unless you both agree to that.'s not a bad idea for you to have your BF come over and **** you deep and hard during your most fertile time of the month and have cucky watch that. Challenge him to get all the Bull's *** out of your ***** or risk becoming pregnant.

A more effective but much more drastic form of snipping is complete removal of the prostate. Unfortunately, I had to have mine removed. You lose your ability to *********. When you have an ******, it is completely dry. Your penis also shrinks significantly because you cannot get an erection and it atrophies. You can have an ****** but sex is almost impossible so you have to do it manually

that is a wonderful idea,do you like that sex is almost impossible now

I am not happy about not being able to have sex and resorting to ************ as the only relief. My wife likes. I was a ineffective husband before the surgery primarily because of size and soft erections. This always bothered her. She blames me because prior to marriage I was reluctant to have sex-probably because I felt self uneasy about my size. This was the primary problem throughout our marriage. When it came time to have kids we had to resort to artificial insemination because of performance and weak ***** counts.
A few years ago she stopped me from trying to have sex with her and told me she was having an affair-we could remain married but no more sex attempts. This went on for 5years and I kept nagging and trying to have sex whenever we went to bed. She would get angry and sleep in another room. She is very sexually satisfied with her friend and they are not seeking a more permanent relationship than sex 2 or 3 nights a week.
Several years ago I developed prostrate problems and went to a urologist. She told me my condition could become cancerous and recommended removing the prostate gland. I went for other opinions and they confirmed it. She explained the surgery has a risk of impotency but that she uses techniques that spare the nerves in the area that would minimize the effect. The urologist never informed me of the risk of losing size as well. I went ahead with the surgery. At my post surgery visit she informed me she was not able to spare any of the nerves and that I would have difficulty getting an erection- erections would be very very weak and soft. I was upset but there was nothing I could do. She did tell me that I could still have an ****** without an erection by ************ and that my wife and I would have to change our love making to accommodate this (the doctor does not know about our situation).
This has been very frustrating and I cannot get used to it. Once I recuperated from the surgery I noticed that my penis had shrunk significantly flaccid or when I was lucky enough to have a weak erection (with an "erection it is not quite 4"). I asked the doctor about this condition and she said it happens with this type of surgery but there is nothing that can be done.
While the side effects are upsetting to me, they work well for my wife. When we sleep together I do not attempt sex with her. She also does not have arguments with her partner anymore. She told me he was never happy that my wife and I were sleeping in the same bed even though she assured him she would not allow anything to happen between us. Now he has no worries. I do try to get her to use her hands to bring me to ******. She only agrees on very rare ocassions and when she does she does not have patience to complete it. She says it takes too long and the very small size is a complete turn off to her.

i think you have adjusted very well,and they way you explained your wife,i would think her and her sex partner,are a lot happier that you can't have sex.
On the upside your back sleeping with her,and she is content staying married to you,so you both have what you want.
You said she has sex 2-3 nights a week with her partner,does he come to your house or does she spends nights at his house .

I would not say it is an upside for me. Its very frustrating to know that your wife has no sexual interest in you and will not make any effort to satisfy me. It is humiliating to know she is intimate with another man and is having unprotected sex with him. We share a bed but she will not even let me see her in anything revealing like a bra and panties. She always changes in another room and sleeps on the farside of the bed. These are conditions her partner discussed with her. The few times she has allowed some intimacy were times when we had been at a function like a wedding and she had a few drinks. As I mentioned earlier, she became frustrated quickly and the sessions were very short.
My wife is discrete. While the kids were home, she would meet her partner at his place. Now that the kids are away at school her partner comes to our house often and stays in our bedroom. My wife asked that I move my clothes out of my dresser so that her partner has room. We have a spare bedroom downstairs where I stay when he is at the house. My wife suggested that I might want to move there permanantly rather than go through the hassel of moving back and forth. Her partner probably had this idea since he has a real problem with any possible intimacy involving me.
He usually arrives late in the evening and they go off to be alone until they go to bed. I stay in my room when he arrives since he is arrogant and I am uneasy knowing he is intimate with my wife I leave for work before my wife in the morning. My wife doesn't share many details as to what they do other than to say he satisfies her completely and they are sexually adventurous. Once she shared her worry about being pregnant. She does not take any form of birth control and he never wears a condom. She was relieved when she finally got her period and she told me they would have other forms of sex when she is ovulating so that she doesn't have to go through those worries again.


I will tell you although you don't seem to like staying in the basement,My hubby has his own room,and now sleeps there permanently,i think it has helped him.Paul my boyfriend sleeps in my bedroom when he comes over,and like my hubby ,he also goes to his room and stays there while Paul is here.I also think it is better you do not see your wife naked or dressed slutty ,as it takes some frustration ,out of your marriage,and wanting sex.My hubby never get's to see me naked or dressed slutty .And again like your wife in don't use birth control or allow condoms.however i am 1 month pregnant now.

Sounds like you're lacking quality of life... If i was you I would reverse cuckold the wife by taking out a reverse mortgage on the house and blowing the proceeds on coke and ******... Its win win - you humiliate your wife by having ****** do something that she can't or won't(i.e. getting you to ********* through ************/oral/etc), you can leave your wife homeless and dependant on her lover for accompdation and then end your own existance in a coke fueled O.D.

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After my first child was born (she does not look anything like my side of the family) my owner/wife took me for a vasectomy. She asked the doctor if she could remove the penis as well, but the doctor said that was not allowed without a lot of legal stuff. So she just gave me the vasectomy. In the operating room I was the only "male" there, all the nurses and aids were female, my wife had to wait in the lounge. The nurses chuckled a lot when they saw how small I am. They were supposed to tape the penis to my tummy to keep it out of the way, which was difficult because it did not reach that far, they ended up just taping it to the top of the sac and told my wife later of their difficulty. <br />
After my vasectomy my wife has had three more kids, the third is bi-racial. I love and support them all, they all look unrelated to each other and all call me "daddie". I do not mind any of this because it makes my owner/wife happy. And the fact that none look like me is a nice conversation starter when we meet new people.<br />
I only wish the doctor would have been able to remove the penis as well, I do think she wanted to once she saw it.

Thats awesome that you were snipped so soon after being married and its great that your wife continued expanding your family,its awesome to raise another mans child that is put into your wife for you

The actual removal is done by me making about a 4 inch incision along the "bikini line" through the lower abdomen on both sides --I will NOT cut through the scrotal sack whatsoever during an Castration. Once the incision has been made, I will push the testicles up through the pelvic region and out it comes. A snip here, a stitch there, and you're done before you know it. Average time on the table is about 45 minutes to an hour, but you should probably expect to stay in recovery at least overnight following the Castration. After the Castration - surgery, Your Mistress will probably get you up pretty soon after and encourage you to get up and try to walk. It will hurt, but it will also get your insides working faster and get you back to your life sooner. You'll probably have a reasonable amount of pain at the incision, and you might want to consider wearing sweatpants for a week or two. There may also be numbness of the skin around the incision, but that should eventually go away. Different people will react differently to the operation. Some will be up and about the next day; others will lie around in bed for a while. I recommend that you try to get up and do something because otherwise you may just end up sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. Your attitude will make a huge difference in your recovery time; the better it is the better you will do. I suggest you learn about what it means now to be a neutered slave, so that you know what will be expected from your Mistress in your future ahead -- but don't let it overwhelm you. Mistress probably won't let you drive or do any heavy lifting for a couple of weeks, so be prepared to ask for help getting around. I do Castrations only at the request of a slaves Mistress. Debbie & Dusty

I was snipped 25 years ago. Its been that long since ever seeing a condom too

just do her in the MOUTH orrr up her ***, what is the problem ?

pretty harsh

<p>I was in a female dominated relationship for over ten years. about half way through our relationship, my ex told me she wanted to have me snipped and i happily consented to her wishes. she delited in telling everyone, from my mother, friends, neighbors, even my co-workers that i was sterilized.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
When i think about it now, im always amazed that a woman could take something so important away from me simply by telling me to do it. She told me she wanted me clipped and just like that, i was left with a tiny, useless pair of testicles hanging beneth my impotent little penis</p>

my wife has had babies by 3 different fathers and i treat them as my own. All her friends know that she ***** other men while rarely giving me a ****

wow i think you just made me choose if i want to snip him or not thanks ;)

I was snipped 3 years ago

that is wonderful

Wow this is as an awesome idea. Now the cuckolded husband has no option of spreading his genes. He may have to raise his wife's lover's baby.

Interesting theory... But the cuckolded husband actually holds a lot of power in this case as he can always leave his wife as a single mother and not be subjected to having to pay child support or alimony... Thus placing her in a rather compromising position

could you friend me so i can look at your pictures?

If I was a woman and if I planned on cucking a guy, I **** and suck him morning noon and night to get him to marry me. Then, when he agreed, I'd tell him that he' have to get snipped -- that I didn't want to mess around with bc pills anymore and that I wouldn't want kids anyway. I think any guy would give it up to insure he'd have unlimited sex from a horny woman.<br />
<br />
But, after the marriage -- after he got snipped then, I slowly **** him less and less and less and cut out BJ's. Until he wasn't getting any sex at all. Even if he left me, I'd have made sure his genetic linage came to a dead end! He gave it up for the possibility of lots of sex!

Wish my wife would make me get snipped so she could tease me and humiliate me. My dream would be to have a female urologist, so my wife and the female doc could talk about how my small **** is just not good enough. I *** too fast too. It would be great if my wife went out to find a bull while I'm home on the couch w/ eyes on my nuts recovering.

I was snipped by a female urologist along with a female nurse to assist. My wife was present too. Now she says she wishes she had been bold enough to ask if she could have helped make one snip.

It was exciting after when I was leaving the office and a second nurse said to me she wished she could have watched too.

Wow, what a great idea. Love to have my wife do it, but she's not into blood. Love the idea of a female crowd. Please add.

My husband got snipped in his prior marriage. He knows about my black boyfirend, that we are VERY sexually active, and that we're not very careful.<br />
<br />
I just keep my b.c. in it's case in the drawer where his **** stash is. I dress for my date and leave. When he goes to **** himself he sees it and knows. Once I even put my *** drenched black thong in the drawer the next morning!

sounds wonderful i also do use B C

My wife had me snipped after the birth of our last child. I still remember the feelings I had as the nurse and my wife teased and exchanged glances as the doctor made the snips. Unfortunately, my wife never took another lover but still likes to point out the little scars and tease me about it.