They Are On Their Vacation

We left our place and picked up Eric at 8:30 AM and then it was a 45 minute trip with traffic to BWI. All the way out to the airport, they made out just like a couple of newlyweds. They remained clothed,but he did lower her blouse, she did not bring any bra's with her, all bra less dresses and tops, and sucked on her nipples. I saw her hand inside his pants and she was holding the "sexy tool" that would soon change all of our lives forever.

As they made out, I heard them say I love you so many times, I lost count. At one point she told Eric that she can't wait to make him a dad and he told her that she is going to be the best mom to "his children".

When he used the plural children, I nearly came in my pants.

We did make it safely to the airport, despite all the distractions. Kathy gave me a goodbye kiss and it was really sweet. I knew that unless something really is wrong, the next time I see her she will probably be pregnant, altho there would be no test yet.

The trip is two hours, they took off at 11:00 AM so they arrived around 1PM and its now nearly 3 PM so they should be in their suite, making love. Eric totally ruining her ***** for anyone else ever, and both of them just dreaming of the future as parents.

I know a few members of the EP think what Kathy and I are doing is crazy or reckless, but it is our lives and it is also the chance to enjoy some of the hottest sexual fantasies for real.

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1 Response May 4, 2012

I think the only rules that matter in a relationship are those the couple make themselves. You sound very excited and pleased by how things are transpiring. You have found a partner with whom you mesh in very important ways, and a third who fits well into your relationship.<br />
<br />
I am so thrilled for you all!