The Fates And I

I am getting older, older than I used to be. In my younger years, there were many aspects of sex and sexuality that turned me on, but some things seemed to be important to avoid---like pregnancy. But as I've gotten older, more mature, and experienced more, I also have found that the lodestone of my fantasies and the urgent blood-and-bone deep need I have is to not just risky sex, not just naughty sex... but conception sex.

I want to look into her eyes and have her urge me to "plant my seed so very deep, yes do it, I want it all"

I want to have her climb up and tell me she's going to "ride my seed out of me and knock herself up and there's naught I can do about it"

I want her to whine about how it's "not a safe time" and "you'll pull out, please" but when the time comes she won't let me and forces me to stay in while I *** uncontrollably.

I think I realized this from a lover I had a few years back. She was married, but separated, and we had met over coffee. She let slip a few sexual innuendos and pretty soon we were beyond flirting. She dared me to kiss her in her Suburban. One thing lead to another and soon we were making out until she orgasmed on my fingers.

The next time we met for coffee, we went and got a room at the Motel 6. And she was out of her clothes before you could blink. But before we could go far, she stopped me cold and admonished me very directly:

"I'm not on the pill and I'm a very fertile woman. No matter what, you can't *** inside me, no matter how much I beg for it."

And I agreed not to.

And on we went. First the kissing and making out. Then I was able to suckle her perfect breasts. Then I was licking and sucking and arousing her with face and fingers between her thighs. And she got hotter and hotter. She kept reaching down the feel me, keep my hardness going. Finally, she yanked my face from between those succulent legs and brutally told me to "**** me now."

So I did. And it was heaven. She wasn't too tight and she was deliciously wet. She had amazing muscular control and she used it well. And she begged me to keep going and going. Which I would have done all night. Only...

Only she was so good that I was losing control. And as I got close and prepared to pull out, she cried out: "No, you don't. Just fill me. Come on, baby. Do it."

And I did.

And then we calmed down and she told me: the Fates are probably watching right now. You made a baby in my belly, perhaps. Or perhaps not. But now everything is in the hands of the Fates. And they are watching.

She has some beautiful children, that woman. None from me, but now I know the Fates are watching all the time. And I crave their attention.
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4 Responses May 7, 2012

Mouthwatering and passionate.

You have no idea how hot I find your story. If it had been me though I would never have asked you to pull out, I would like knowing that you knew how much I wanted your seed inside my body and how much it meant that we had chosen each other for that purpose.

How a crazy part of me, loves, loves, loves that..... This is an excellent story. I love the way you write.<br />
(crazy because I hate being pregnant!!)

What an erotic and very hot story.