Fair Warning

I will not hesitate to empty every last drop of my load into your fertile ****. I don't care if you were expecting it or not. I don't even care if you wanted me to *** in you or not. YOU are responsible for letting me penetrate you uncovered and raw. By allowing me to **** you bare, you are accepting the possibility of becoming impregnated. Idc if you told me 100 times not to *** inside you. It does not matter to me. I dont know what turns me on more, hearing you beg for me to *** inside you or hearing you beg me not to *** inside you. Either way i will get what i want. You have been warned.
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There is really no reason not to *** inside if the woman is married since there is a husband to support the product of your pleasure. Two of the three kids my wife and I have came from her affairs. Only the youngest is mine, biologically.

Mmmmm......would love you to force me to take your load.

i agree consent is granted at the moment of bare penetration once I'm inside then I get to decide where i ***

Mmmm u can *** in me baby

You are a rapist, then.

we need more men like you in the world. could imagian the lucky girl legs spread wide fertil and asking you to pull out only to be filled anyway. once she starts to show theres noone to blaim but herself.

You damn right!!!

awesome totally awesome

So ****** hot, reading this made me imagine you on my wife and me sitting on the side listening to you say this to her

damn thats a turn on .. i have not been on the pill for 15 years--

I have been begging my BF to *** in me and he always pull out. He's afraid of pregnancy but I told him I am on the pill which i take consistently every day and that I have endometriosis which can make it difficult to get pregnant. Sigh big time. I want that *** in me so bad! But I kind of stop begging for it because I don't want to seem desperate for it but I do want it badly.

you shouldn\'t have to beg for it. pill or no pill.

Update he now **** in me!!

Finaly ;)

Please do. ;)

Wow... you're clearly an alpha...

Thats ******* amazing! I need to find someone to do that with!

That should be easy for you princess your pretty sexy

Well thank you

Your post made me wet. I love being ****** this way.

So hot!

This is the first post that I have ever made on EP. I had to get on here and tell you that your story is smokin hot!! I wish that I could find a very dominant man like you, to use me as he sees fit. I live in rural Kansas so I don't get to meet very many guys at all, let alone ones that share my various fetishes. Thank goodness for the internet! ;-)

Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it and hope you find what you're looking for

that is so ******* hot...

Thank you.

That is especially true if the woman is married since there is a husband to support the child if the woman becomes pregnant.

I am sure it happens a lot. Whether the husband knows or not is not important. What is important is that the love child has a father for support. There is always a risk of pregnancy so it is much better for the wife and child not to tell. If the husband can handle it, tell him. If he can\'t, he need not know.

Great attitude. We need more like it.

Good story. I am looking for a man that will take and decide if when he wants children without consulting me. Your story made me so wet.

very sexy in deed!!

i think this is unbelievbly sexy. forcing ur seed inside chicks is hot. knock as many randoms up..get them drunk n passed out so when they find out they preg a month or so later..they have no idea who to ;)

you are a rapist what the hell is wrong with you

Good way to go if she is married.

Too bad I'm not there, I'd help you take care of yourself.

I got so wet reading that i might have to take care of myself ;) great story

every time i **** someone without a condom i wish that they would *** inside me

I like how who ever i **** I can convince then to *** in me !!

You really want kids huh? :P love the story

Haha! Thank you

just as it should be.....I let men enter me bare and I am not using birth control.......there is no way to stop a man from ******* in me, and i know it!<br />
So if and when he does It's just what I deserve and deep inside what I want

Once i feel the skin to skin contact, i couldn't stop myself if i wanted to. It should be understood at that point.

If you actually can't stop yourself then you shouldn't be having sex. Consent can be withdrawn at any time.

This gives me chills

Like it. I sometimes feel the same

wow that's ******* hot.

Very hot.

Thank you.