Back In Side Of Her ***** For Now......

Tuesday night we had some very hot sex, some of the hottest, at least for me, since our dating and honeymoon. I know that EP friends have told me that his huge **** will change her, and they were right. I could tell that she was forcing it a bit, to seem like she was actually feeling my 5 inches. In a way, that made me even harder, if not longer and thicker, knowing that she is now used to 9 plus inches.

Kathy told me that as soon as they checked into the resort, she felt like she had really started a new life. The hotel personnel addressed her as Mrs Eric ..... and she said that made her very very wet. The first couple of days they spent in their private pool and in bed. By the middle of the week, they were settled in and on the morning of 8 May, they were having breakfast in the little cafe in the main part of the resort. During the breakfast, Kath felt that familiar sharp but short pain in her tummy, she leaned over to Eric and said " Honey, lets make our baby".

They finished breakfast and then spent the next three days, almost entirely in bed. She said that whenever his **** entered her it was like heaven. When he was going to enter her that first time after she started ovulating, he kissed her and then she said " please make me a mommy". Eric then said (according to Kath) " I love you so much, I have always loved you and I want to make a family, our family with you". He entered her and she said it was beyond words, they made love in the missionary position and had a pillow under her ***. They wanted to do everything right. Kathy said that she came twice before he did and as he was nearing the point of no return, they looked deeply into each others eyes and she said they both whispered 'I love you' and then he said "with this ***** I make you my wife physically and emotionally" and then he came. Kathy said that she felt the warmest feeling she ever did in her *****. She came as he was still shooting and most of his ***** was probably sucked into her womb.
After they came down from this incredible sexual high, she said they were kissing and cuddling and just telling each other how they are "one" and so deeply in love. They repeated this scene about 20 times the next few days while she was in the fertile zone.
I came twice before we went to bed and once the next morning. She did seem a little pre-occupied and despite a good effort not to show it, I know she probably did not feel my 5 inches.
Last night she went out with her girl friends who naturally wanted to find out about their vacation. I got called to work for a problem so I could not have been with her in any case.


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How utterly intriguing. I couldn't ever see myself enjoying such a relationship with a woman.. but what works for you, works for you!

I'd like to find out a bit more about what about this entire setting excites you?

Too much in common with you and the pretty wife is leaving on vacation with her boy friend later this summer, she uses a pillow to get it all in deep, but my wife is on the pill..and plans on staying there..

Where are they going and for how long. Are you paying for the vacation? When are they leaving I bet you will be rock hard the entire time. I was.

Driving about 3 hours from where he, he is footing the bill...a very nice hotel, four star the end of July...Yes, I will be rock hard..she has promised me some cell phone pictures plus videos and digital gone 3 nights..thanks for asking

I think you should make her a baby next time.<br />
<br />
Then she has kids of both of you.

We are planning that, more or less a polygamous relationship, but I know that could be very fragile on a number of levels. At this time, we are not even confirmed that his ***** did the job last week.

I'm not sure I understand why you aren't taking this shot yourself? Is there some reason why you can't or don't want to shoot the load that makes her pregnant? I'm assuming Eric knows that you are also ******* her during periods she's fertile, so there is that chance, right? Will Eric be as open to all this as you if it turns out that its actually your ***** that does the job?

Anything is possible but with the human psyche it's very unlikely that she'll stick with you. She's going to show you the door.

will she stay with you now or move in with Eric? do you think she still loves you the same as before and do you feel you would have been better off to never have let her go on that first date with him? if she leaves you what will you do ? hope she still loves you though.but don't think things will ever be the same has she asked for a divorce yet Paul?hope for your sake not.

you are going to loose everything..............

We went in to the entire dating experience with a very open mind and knowledge that anything could happen and most importantly we have a deep love that would permit her to love both of us at the same time.

I have to agree with you both went in to it with an open mind and knowledge of the dangers..We did the same, and my wife has the need to become emotionally involved with her lovers, which I totally understand. Now, on occasion, it is just a sudden meeting and sex for sex sake..please wife is going away with her black lover later this summer

Good Story. Glad to hear things went well. Thanks for sharing.