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..., is that I'm 54yo, single and actually would enjoy just breeding a fit, good looking, healthy gal to have a few more young. The catch is that in the 8 years of dating, I have not met a gal that would not abort if she got pregnant. If I could find that one great gal that wants to have young and let me be a part of the child/children's life without marriage-I'd settle down. But I keep what I make and there is no better sex for a Male than when he KNOWS he's breeding-not just plain old recreational sex.
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This is why we need abortion losers trying to hav kids at 50 ur way too old dude

So you said you want to be a part of the childs life without marriage, and then you would settle down. Why not marry the woman in your settling down process. Would you create a life with someone you don't love? Just trying to figure out your thinking here....this is a new one for me to read.

spent 24 years with the love of my life-and when the going got rough-she got "going". And I see the "contract" of marriage as a HUGE burden for why she left. There was no cheating by either-just a string of HUGE hardships, from illness-mine to homelessness, that the "better or worse, richer or poorer" test failed miserably. I am on the other side of your looking glass. "why" do people need contracts for unconditional love? By definition, contracts are nothing but conditions. Had we been together for years and not married-leaving would have been easier and quicker, and not as threatening-I think we would have pulled it back together in time-but as married and the legal angles-well let's say I can love with out the threat of lawyers keeping me to it. BFs and GFs , life companions/partners break-up and get back together all the time-but why? I truly think it's because both parties have nothing to loose-only an emotional connection that only they have and can't be touched by the "legal world". And you see all too many times, (more than married couples), that the unmarried folks get back together time and time again and sustain a real and very loving relationship. Married folks leave the relationship for a cooling off period, legally the term abandonment quickly comes into play. And then the "fun" begins, oh and I mean "fun" in all bad ways. Even Separations, which I am and have been for over 12 years now will bring in legal conditions that crush any hope that would bring the parties back to each other.

So I guess in responding to your question-I have no need for the "contract" of marriage. It's not a popular "way" these days in a world of "materialism gone wild" but being from a more "earthie" life experience, marriage is not the only type of relationship that will healthily raise the children. I have in my youth known quite a few folk from communal living in Big Sur, CA that worked extremely well.

but to each their own. be good!-S

Its all good, if its meant to be it will be! If I ever get that lucky again, ill let you know! Lol best of luck to ya!

I'm 38 and know what you mean! I want more and can't find the one to have them with! Good luck man.

well get a great Female while you are young-at my age ******* happen with them at the turn of a page while scrap booking!

Some of us don't want to feel like we're left holding the bag, so to speak, paying for and raising the child on our own. It happens more often than not!

Who says its to be on your own? Not all men are the type to knock em up and leave. I know myself, and I think the gentleman that started this post is probably in the same boat, id love to have more kids to be a part of their lives and have a happy family. Its not about the four f's with everyone.

you are right that it happens a lot but you know, if you are just out there having sex with "friends" you will probably be left holding the, child. I don't include this behavior in my "life wants"-I would not take the chance with just a "friend" on a bored Friday night. We are all responsible for ourselves, ..., till we create a human being. Then our wants come second so I take it very seriously and would not have unprotected sex with "just a good friend". When you live by your ideals, it's a whole different ball of wax. I had a lover a few years ago and while we were having sex, the condom slid off-like after about 40+ minutes. I found out that condoms are good for oh,...., 10 minutes! LOL!!! I had pumped it so far up her that she had to leave the bed and dig it out in the bathroom. She came back all in a fluster and looked at me. "You're taking this very well" she commented. I told her that I was thinking about "names". She left me the next week. SO you really "never" know, I mean most folks like to think they'll walk their talk-but when the rubber hits the road, many skid off to the side.

So yes, Females need to be pretty careful around "men"-they'll leave on a dime. Males on the other hand,..., well you are with a Male long enough-you'll know the difference.

Since I have written this, I have found that I don't really think there is a Female in my area-all there are are women. But one never knows. Good things to you all.

I want to be used for breeding, I just want to know that the man/men that are breeding me are also going to take care of the baby.

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