Pinpointing What I Truly Desire

Tonight I have discovered what exactly it is I desire. Yes, I love when a man shoots his *** deep in me, especially since I'm not on birth control. I finally had this feeling again tonight, which was amazing. He ****** me for a good 45 minutes before not even hinting at pulling out or even asking if I was on any birth control (I most certainly am not), filling me up with a huge load of ***. And the best part: he didn't pull out right away. He stayed in me, even ****** his *** deeper into my *****...However (you knew this was coming --no pun intended-- at some point), he's not the guy I would like to have breed me. If that makes any sense at all. Yes, he came in me without abandon. Yes, he stayed in me and even ****** his *** deeper inside me on instinct. However, I want an alpha male to breed me. This guy is great, but just not what I want. I had no idea which group to post this in, I felt this one was most appropriate, because it does involve my pregnancy risk sex I had tonight but it's also got a hint of my desire for breeding by a true blooded alpha male. I apologize in advance if the placement of this story is kinda out of sorts, just needed to let it out and put it somewhere, thought this was the most appropriate.
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Why can't more girls be like you?!

I have yet to meet a man that will ******** an then stay inside, I wish more men would but who am I to say? They jump up and clean off and away they go.

Sigh, now I know there are a least two...@Breeder18 what you describe I what I hope for, dream of and encourage.

You should not settle for lesser guys. You deserve nothing but the best. A female like you needs strong, dominant ***** inside her at all times when she is in heat.

The best way to find an alpha male is to be an alpha female. Are you up to the challenge?

It's been a few months. Did he accidentally get you pregnant?

I am a alpha male

friend me so i can breed you

Sounds like you both did the right thing. Though if you're looking for a alpha male to breed you we should talk some more.

over all it not uncomman for woman around your age to want this ... if he came inside of you like that you might have no choise in the matter....if he came in side you with nobirthcontrol ... you might even be pregnant now.... but it normal to feel that way to want a "alpha male to breed me" and keep your belly swelling for the next seveal years to come... and you did post it in the right place