How I Became Addicted....

I've always been a forcefull ****** i.e. my load shoots really far in strong spurts..and spent most of my life pulling out and shooting my load all over my partner and trying to hit her face ;) One day my GF told me she wanted to feel me *** inside her...and feel my strong ****** fill her....I never came so much or so hard in my life... I was hooked, since that day several years ago I've almost exclusively finished internally..

There's nothing more primal or erotic then filling a woman's fertile unprotected ***** with your thick potent load and hoping that you're getting her pregnant, then doing it over and over again...when I ****** I slide my **** all the way up inside her, until the tip pushes up against her cervix...then when I *** I hold it there spurting stream after stream directly up against feels so amazing and I always like to think/hope that some of it is going directly into her womb because of my strong, spurting load...all the while telling her to feel my ***** spray against her cervix and telling her I'm making her pregnant..

It's kind of hard to find someone who is into it, most women wont admit they are because its a semi-taboo fetish, once you do find her though...its absolutely the best..
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3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

I love to be filled with ***! Great story

Hot story, man! I love reading about unprotected sex and impregnation from the man's point of view. Horny stuff!

I would love it if some man wanted to keep me barefoot and prego! Ive always wanted to be a mom so i never use protection.