My Step Brother N I

Just to make it clear..there was no blood connection between us.
My farther married a indian women..and she had sons to her previous marriage.

The first time it happend..i was 13, and staying at my step brother n i had to sleep in the same room..
we were watching tv n he came n hoped on my bed..i asked him what he was doing and he didnt reply.
he started to rub my belly slowly moving his hands up my top till he reached my nipples..and started to tweek heart was pounding..i had never been touched this way..his other hand moved dwn to my underwear..and started to rub my c.nt lips...i told him to stop and to get off me..i was just too scared at 13!
later that night..i awoke to him rubbibg me again..only i was half asleep n the pleasure was too good...he pulled down my undies and got on wasnt long till he started to inch his thick black inside hurt so bad..but got better as he inched in further..
it wasnt long till he was full blown f.ckin me so hard i started to moaning with pleasure..
within moments of my moaning..he released his seed inside me.
he got off without a word..and climbed into his bed n went to sleep. i felt so used..but i liked it.
the next night the same thing..
it became a regular thing..even back at home..he would sneak into my room plant his seed deep inside me and leave..this went on for a good yr..and then just after my 14th birthday i found out i was pregnant. i was soo scared i cried and cried. i gad to fess up.
i told my dad who told me i was to have the baby and give it up for adoption.
whilest pregnant my step bro continued to use my young body..and started forcing me to please his mates too..i was 14 pregnant and having sex with guys i didnt even kno..i was starting to enjoy it.
time past and i had my baby..and gave it away..
within a few months my step bro was bk..i was begging him not to *** inside me..but he never listened..i fell pregnant another 2 times before i moved away from him. to this day..i still crave the seed of a man to impregnate me..its just a desire i was taught to have..i am here to breed..and that is all.
hornay hornay
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I love breeders!

Mmm I'd love to breed you

Baby factory! I love to *** back and keep reading this one!

And so you shall!

Very hot

Nice story.

What a great woman that enjoys being used as a breeder.

Great story Very sexy x

There is nothing better then dumping a load into a unprotected *****... nice story need more storys about risky loads you have taken....