Is it still considered "Risky" if your partner want to get pregnant? Over the course of the last 5 years, my Girl and I have had sex countless times and there has never been any question in either of our minds as to weather or not I should fill her with ***** or, if I did, what the possible outcome from doing so could be. Are we trying to get pregnant? No, not specificly, but, we are absolutely not trying to NOT get pregnant. Ever time we are together, the thought that this could be the time that she catches; that our baby will start growing in her; is enough to push us to new heights of pleasure and only serves to strengthen our already strong bond and relationship.
2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Lol if she hasn't gotten pregnant yet she's probly infertile, most girls I kno get pregnant the first or second time they hav unsafe sex

Interesting question! Essentially, you are leaving everything to "fate" or "God" if you're religious. Given that you are having sex as nature intended, that is, by keeping the potential for reproduction part of the sex act (bareback with no birth control used) and simply getting turned on by the possibility of impregnation does not in my opinion fit the definition of risk. The reason is that *risk* is defined as something negative, hazards, illness, life or health threatening situations and so forth. The term apparently is not defined as something neutral or positive in any way.

Thus, strictly by definition, a couple who has bare and unprotected sex when she's ovulating and do NOT want to get pregnant as it would have negatively consequences to their life somehow would be what I would call "risk."

I also get turned on by nature's purpose for the sex act, i.e. the potential for impregnation on every sexual encounter. It's simply the hottest sex one can have.

Overall, those are our feelings as well but there is no question that, at least in our situation, there is a definete risk factor involved.