tricked into it

I have been into this fetish (or lifestyle) since high school. Like any other horny teen I sought to hookup as often as I could. Thanks to the Internet that was not terribly difficult, and being a guy it was less problematic to be lying about my age and posting. I met with women once in a while but one time I began emailing with a woman who was twice my age and was very keen on having unprotected sex. Me being a horny teen I had no issues with that, or her being married. A one time thing was just sex. We had our fun and parted ways. She emailed me later with the news that she became pregnant, and in fact that was her plan all along - she used me to make a baby, her husband didn't know and wouldn't, and that was that. Never heard from her again, but it left me with the most insane arousal I ever felt. I dove into the pregnancy risk and impregnation fantasy head-first thereafter.

High school and college proceeded in much the same way, but I became wiser (regular checks for STDs of course) and more familiar with the impregnation/preg-risk fantasy and the people who share it. I had a few hookups with college coeds but mostly it was with married women or sometimes single women who enjoyed the risk too or wanted a baby. How many resulted in a pregnancy, and how many of those came to term, is beyond me. It was always NSA, which made it kinkier that something so serious could result from such a fleeting pleasure.

For me, the big kick has always been the raw naturalism of it, the primal urge of sex for procreation. Fun as it is, sex is meant for making babies - and I, being a male, was driven to try to spread my genes and secure a legacy of sorts. But it was more than that too, it's the animalistic ****-and-go of the random hookup too, the thought that only nature stands between my ***** and a woman's egg, and that its out of our control. That control is given up, like a return to those primal ways, and sex is more than just fun but serves the purpose of breeding.

My draw to married and attached women probably has to do with that first woman, and only later the alpha-male pride of "I bred you, your husband didn't, that ring on your finger didn't stop my seeds from planting and now your tummy will get big and your breasts swell with milk for the baby growing inside you. What will you tell him, that the baby is his? What will others think when they see your belly?" I guess you could say I enjoyed the sense of getting away with it, as did the woman I am sure. The guilty pleasure of breaking a taboo. With single women, particularly those who wanted a baby, it felt different - equally satisfying, but less alpha. In either case, a lot of emails preceded meetings and I cautiously vetted women for maturity and intention. Unlike some men, I do not meet with just anyone for this -  it is no small matter, the risk of pregnancy, so I only met with women who understood that our tryst could have consequences for them. Women who shared the fantasy or were deeply aroused by it were better matches (and more enjoyable hookups) than any others.

Many of those women enjoyed the sex for the same reasons I did, and maybe more for the thought of being used specifically to be impregnated or bred. A common theme for that was the idea of their body being used to make a baby, "my" baby, and they had no control over it. I never was into the rape fantasy and never met with a woman who was - it was a consensual thing more akin to dominance/submission than force. Their intelligence, their lives and careers were outside of the sphere in which their body's purpose. Of course the risk of pregnancy is different for a woman, the days leading up to her time of the month spent wondering if it will come or not, and what she would have to do if it did not come. The consequences could be total-response - physical, emotional, psychological; having been impregnated by a stranger, would she keep the baby or not and how would she explain it to family and friends and if married or attached her man. For me it's just the thought of all that which is power-arousing, but for her it must be something else, something more powerful.

Anyway, that's my story. Reposted on a few similar EP groups. If you live in East Asia and want to chat or swap stories or see if we click, send a message. Women are especially encouraged ;)

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That sounds like a lot of fun!

That sounds like a lot of fun!

In my experience, the women I slept with didn't ask about me wearing condoms. Maybe it was just the women I met, but a lot of them didn't ask for me to wear a condom, nor did we really talk about it. Though one did ask me wear a condom unless I wanted to get her pregnant, which I wore one at night, but during our morning sessions I did not and just came inside her.