We Both Wanted To

My girl and I have been together for two years . She is 30,petit blond with a very fit body as a aerobic instructor. I love everything about her. Her long blond hair, blue eyes and smooth fair skin. Her breasts are smaller with pink nipples that get hard and erect when I tease them, her hips are narrow and she shaves her *****. I love how she looks and feels when I go down on her. We always play it safe and many times get each other off orally. No complaints I do love giving and receiving. I really do not like using a condom but we are trying o be safe. We celebrated our second anniversary together spending the night in a first class hotel . After a night on he town and a sumptuous dinner and two bottles of exquisite wine we took a cab back to the hotel. We couldn't keep our hands off each other. When we got back to the room still passionately kissing and pressing against each other she stopped and pulled away. Wait I want tonite to be pecial, memorable. I smiled wondering what she had in mind. Let me get ready and you get into bed. I ******** naked and waited or her. She appeared at the bedroom door and I was not disappointed. She had on a sheer nightie and I could see the outline of her breasts with those hard nipple points protruding. She smiled do you lik this. I teased her pulling down the heels to expose my totally erect nearly 8 inch penis. What do you think? She laughed mmm that's hat I want . She crawled between my legs running her fingertips between my thighs followed by her lips. I was dying with anticipation. When her mouth reach my **** I let out a deep moan of pleasure oh yes baby I love you. She slowly teased and licked my **** keeping me on the edge my body was shaking. She lifted herself up and straddled me. Lifting her arms up she removed her nightie. She was not wearing any panties. Pressing her wet ***** lips against my shaft she smiled do you like this. Oh yes I replied without hesitation. I have a surprise for you tonite she said. I'm yours I replied. Then she grabbed my hard **** and slid it between her wet ***** lips. God it felt so incredible. Then she placed it at he nutraceutical to her vagina and slid down inserting my pulsing head into her. Looking into my eyes she said I love you I want all of you deep inside me. I reached over to the night table to get a condom . She stopped me saying no I want all of you. I'm very fertile and aroused nd I want you to fill me with your ***. Are you sure I asked. You know I want to I have dreamed about it. I'm sure she replied. I was never so excited and I watched as she slid down slowly until I was so deep inside her I could feel her cervix. She moaned with pleasure and as she liter herself up and down we ****** faster , deeper, hard. I couldn't take any more and warned her I was goings to ***. She looked at me tightening her vaginal muscles around my ****. *** inside me, fill me with your hot ***** make me pregnant. That was all I could take I pulled her down onto me and my **** pulsed filling her Mitch my hot *****. We both shook as we held each other. I rolled her off me onto her back and kissing her all over my mouth found its way between her legs and I licked my *** dripping from her lips. The taste of my own *** with hers aroused me and as I lowered my self over her I kissed her sharing the sex from my mouth to hers. She responded and I slid my now hard **** into her again. Sliding a pillow under her and wrapping her legs over my shoulders. I pumped deply inside her wet ***** I pumped hard until we both reached another ******, I was so deep in her and I came nearly as hard as I did the first time my **** pulsing a dozen time shooting streams of hot *** into her. We collapsed in pure satisfaction and I rolled on my side my **** still in her. I will never use a condom again.
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welcome to the better side of sex!

Mmm yes it is what do you like

well i guess you'll know in a few weeks if you knocked her up - hot session u had