Got My Friends Mom Pregnant

This is a story of how i got my best friends mom pregnant

My friend Matt and I were very close. I would often go to his house after school to hang out. During our high school years we went to different school but we made it a habit of hanging out atleast once a week. I grew up in a single family home with my father taking care of me. Matt's mom, Janice, always treated me like a son. Janice had Matt when she was 16, and was married at a young age. She was largely at stay at home mom while her husband served in the military. Now I have to confess even at a young age I found Janice to be extremely attractive. She was a petite women at 5'2" and was extremely well kept because she liked to work out. I later found out she had 32 DD, they were a little saggy but just the way i liked it. She had a very exotic look to her because her father was German American and her mother was South American-Iranian.

The story starts around when I was 16. Matt started to play volleyball for this school team. Sometime I would get to his house without him there. Janice usually would just let me chill in his room and play his playstation while waiting for him. I have to explain something first. Around that time, Janice was having marriage issues with her husband because of her erradict change in behaviour. She dyed her brown hair blonde, she began taking up smoking again, and she started to dress younger. She started to hang out more with me in Matt's room when matt was not around, sometime she would listen to music, some times we'd watch a movie together, most the time we smoked pot together. Sometime she would ask me about my love life and about the girls at school, i felt comfortable enough with her to tell her everything, including my first time. Ofcourse i encouraged this since i always wanted to get close to her and see what would happen.

I wouldnt be telling you this story if nothing happened. this was how it first started. one day we were smoking pot and drinking while watching wild things. We gotten pretty close during this time and usually when we watch movies i would lay on her lap while she stroked my hair. So during the screen when the girls were making out, she casually asked me if i would like to try it out with her. Now being 16 it was kind of hard to refuse such and offer. She told me to sit up and she straddled me while i was on the couch, it was the most electrifying kiss i have ever had. We got really hot and heavy. Just then we heard matt coming in so we had to stop and pretend nothing was happening. Cockblock.

This incident got my hormone going. So now I looked for more and more excuses to visit Matt when he wasnt there. From there it didnt take long before we started to have full blown sex. At first it was just at the house, but soon she would find any excuse to find me and we would go anywhere to have sex. I still remember us trying to sneak into a theatre, i dont remember what movie it was but basically it was just us and another guy in the theatre, we sat at the back and we tried to keep it really quite. Sex with her was great, it was always like she had some kind of pent up lust waiting to be satisfied, also being not very experienced, her experience turned me on even more.

Around that time most of her friends were having babies. That night after the baby shower she call me at my house telling me to meet her at the playground near the house. Ofcourse i knew what was going to happen. She drove up, to the playground, and we drove to a secluded industrial area. I was playing with her the whole way while she drove there. Once stopped we got in the back. and that i wear a condom, but some how that day, she didnt care. Being a teenager my **** was just ready on the go, she moved her panties to the side and slid me inside of her, her warmth enveloped me. After having sex with her so many times, i still find it hard not to *** immediately. She loves dirty talk but this time the talk was not the same as usual, she kept saying how seeing her friend pregnant go her really worked up. She was so wet that the whole car was filled with sound of sloshing. While ******* she started to tell me how she wanted to have her own. For some reason hearing her desired to be a mother again drove me crazy. I flipped her around and laid her on her back. Now I was in control of the tempo. She kept repeating over and over again "**** me baby, i want you to **** me good", "I want to have a baby inside me so bad." Finally she revealed: "baby im off the pill, and im ovulating right now. I can get pregnant very easily" Hearing these words drove me to ecstacy, i pumped her harder and faster. "I want to have your baby please, **** a baby into me. John is out on duty and wont be back for a year. I can have your baby for you and he wont even know" . I told her i was about to come. At this moment i think she realized what she was about to do and panic "****, no, please dont *** inside me". It was too late, the wheels have already been set in motion. My body jerked and my **** spasmed. I let out a sigh. we laid there for a while. after collecting ourselves, I pulled my **** out of her *****, right afterwards, you can see all my *** dripping out of her. The thought of me seed inside her got me really worked up. "oh ****" janice said "You are a bad boy". with my finger i scooped up the *** and fingered the *** back in her ***** "no this make me a bad boy", she smirked. We cleaned up and she drove me back to the park so that i could walk home.

After that night, we had sex even more often. There was no turning back, we kept ******* bareback and i continue to *** inside of her. We started calling each other baby mama, baby daddy when no one was around.

About a month after the initial incident, Janice told me she was pregnant. John was not happy to say the least, neither was Matt. Because of Janice's multicultural background, John and Matt still didn't know I was the father of our baby girl. John being the good man he was believe that one should always stick by his wife through thick or thin. they never had a divorce and they kept claim that john was the father.

Ofcourse I still ****** Janice afterwards but we were extremely careful from then on. After leaving to college and then moving out of town. I still kept in touch with Janice and she kept me update on our daughter Jaime. Whenever I visit town we still have our rendevous, Im still her baby daddy. She is 46 now and she's having sign of menopause. I cant wait to fill her up like I used to, at least i can hope for another miracle.

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I had sex with my friends mom once years ago. I didn't get her pregnant tho