I Love Pregnant Bellies

ever since i was 17, ive had a fascination with pregnant women. everytime i would see one, i would become erect. seeing their large, plump and sexy belly made me want to just jump on them. everytime i saw one that i really liked, i asked to rub it, and would get a yes. however, once my hand caressed the soft skin of the belly, i would become entranced, and take way too long on purpose so i could get to truely feel it out. when i turned 20 and ever since then, the fetish has simmered down, but i still see pregnant women and thier bellies as the most beautiful things in the world.
mgerrans mgerrans
2 Responses Jul 10, 2010


They are entrancing. Just wait til you get to lie behind and feel the curve of the belly and fullness of the breasts. A great pity that we only get a few chances at these things.

That is what makes them so valuable.